Wine Review – Mira Vos

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Wine Review – Mira Vos

I’m just a girl who loves to try wine – I’m not an expert – for sure!

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My sister sent my me a six month subscription to The Wine of The Month Club as a thank you. She had a lag in coordinating all her moving dates together, so she bunked with my family for few months.

This is a great gift because Chris (hubby) and I love to try new wines. The first box arrived this week and the red wine was a Syrah, Mira Vos from Mendoza, Argentina. It is a young wine, 2018, as you can image the flavors haven’t had time to develop and as with most young wines, you need to get past the acidic young wine after taste.

With the box was the Bunch of Grapes Newsletter containing lots of great information about the wines. We also received a bottle of Payadores from Chile – the topic of another blog once we open it! 

The tastes suggested for this wine are cinnamon, tart cherries, raspberry and some floral notes. I definately tasted the tart cherries and Chris tasted the cinnamon. The color was a beautiful claret. This wine would be great with a dark meat heavy dish like lamb. Since I am basically a vegetarian – I drank it with a yummy Brie and it was fabulous!

The newsletter stated “50% of them (the grapes) received thermoflash winemaking, and the other 50% received tradition viticulture”.  According to ADVISOR Wind Industry Network Blog, “Thermoflash, known widely in Europe as “flash détente”, is a process of thermovinification created during the 1990’s in France. It works by heating the must of crushed grapes to a set temperature (usually around 185°F/85°C) then sending the hot grapes to a high vacuum chamber where temperature drops quickly causeing some of the liquid in the must to “flash” into steam. The rapid expansion of steam causes the cell walls of the vacuoles in the skins to break open allowing immediate color and tannin extraction while also releasing aromatic compounds.” Wow! That is a process I haven’t see before. Maybe when we get to France later this year, it will be in use at one of the vineyards we visit.

I enjoyed this young Mira Vos, it’s sharp notes and even the acidic finsh. A good wine for a mondest budget.



The opinions about this wine are mine alone. 

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