Sewing Makes And Plans Volume 8

McCall’s 8022 Sew Along

Princess Seam Tunic/Dress For Knits

McCall’s 8022 sew along is a fun way to kick off your fall sewing. I love getting back into the swing of things in autumn. The fabrics are so cozy and the saturated colors are rich and deep.

The 8022 sewing pattern offers great fitting options because it is sewing with princess seams. Don’t let them scare you — they are actually easier than sewing perfect darts.

Additionally with this garment you will learn how to sew a kangaroo pouch pocket. Beautiful hidden pockets to keep your hands warm when there is a slight chill in the air.

Lastly, we will sew in knit sleeves using the flat sewing method — no set in sleeves here. If you haven’t tried putting in sleeves this way, you will be blown away at how easy it is. Exactly the sleeve you want to sew for your first garment with sleeves.

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Watch The Video

You can watch the video for step-by-step sew along instructions. All the links to fabric, pattern, tools, and instructions can be found in this post.

McCall’s 8022 Pattern

McCall's 8022 sew along

Whether you make your McCall’s 8022 Pattern with a hood or a collar with casings elastic and drawstring stopper or without, you will love the way this sewing pattern looks.

The princess seams are great for adjusting the fit. You can simply take off or add a smidge here and there to achieve your personal hour-glass look.

The front hidden pockets can seem a little intimidating, but I broke it down in small digestible bites in the video.

Minerva Exclusive Fabric

McCall's 8022 sew along

I just love the Minerva Exclusive Animal Song Sweater Knit. The print is gorgeous with all the autumnal color. Additionally, the fabric hand is soft and has a nice drape. It is perfect for a cozy, comfy sweater that works for running errands or a night in with friends.

Moderate stretch knits and a medium to heavy weight are good suggested fabrics for this sewing pattern.

Jersey Needles

McCall's 8022 sew along

The best needles to sew the knit fabrics required for a successful garment are Jersey needles. For a very small investment, you can take your knit sewing from good to great. Jersey needles will glide through your knit seams — making it a pleasure to sew with knits.

Twin Needles

McCall's 8022 sew along

Twin needles are an important tool when hemming knit garments. The two top threads combine with the bobbin to create stretchable stitched hems. When your knit stretches, like when you sit, your hem stretches with the fabric. If you use machine straight stitched hems, it is very likely they will pop when your fabric stretches — not a good look!

Stretch Stitch On Your Machine

McCall's 8022 sew along

Many newer machines have a stretch stitch built in to accommodate the influx of knits available to sewists. I use a Brother CS60000i for stretch stitch sewing. It is the best sewing machine in the low end price range.

Elastic Cord And Stopper

If you want to add the elastic cord and stopper, the pattern instructions are very straight forward. There are lots of cute stopper options like this square black stopper or this round gold stopper — both from Minerva.

Misses Dresses

I have lots of cute dresses and other outfits in my newest Makes and Plans (Vol. 7). This tunic was one of my planned items — happy I can move it over the “makes” column.

Sewing For Fall


I hope you enjoyed this McCall’s 8022 sew along. I loved making this pattern and wearing the cozy tops. Maybe my next one will have a hood.

Happy Sewing,


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