Whole 30 – Day 2 – Shopping and Food Prep

Lost in the Journey

Whole 30 – Day 2 – Shopping and Food Prep

Breakfast – Still haven’t shopped so I am stuck with a banana, walnuts and coffee. Not the best, but on plan, or compliant as they say – so that’s a plus.

Shopping – enormous fruit and veggie haul.

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Lunch – Soup! So good, I was pretty hungry!

  1. I sauted 2 vidalia onions, 3 slices of the turkey bacon, the stems from the rainbow chard.
  2. I had a pablano pepper reaching the edge of it’s life in the frig, so I roasted it on the stove top and peeled off the wrinkly skin, chopped the flesh and added it to the pot
  3. add 2 leftover roasted baby potatoes and some roasted broccoli.
  4. Finished it all off with the chopped chard leaves and organic vegetable broth, then let it simmer for a bit.
  5. Added some roasted peppitos for crunch. Pretty tasty!

The turkey bacon was impressive. I used just a little and it added a big punch of flavor. I froze the rest for another time. It was surpising to see it actually had the Whole30 logo on the package – idiot proof! If you like to buy in bulk, you can order it here – the price is much better!

I had this amazing dinner planned: roasted butternut squash, sauted broccoli rabe and scallops seared in ghee! I was looking forward to it all afternoon. We had some crazy weather here in Massachusetts and the wind was so strong it blew over a power pole near my house – no power!!! It was out from 3pm – 10 pm. Ugh!

Around 6:00 we figured it was time to heat up the grill – okay, I can adapt – sorta.

Dinner – I wrapped up some of the leftover potatoes with vidalia onions in foil to heat up, I added one of those disposable foil grill covers and dropped the broccoli rabe w/evoo on the grill. The scallops were another issue. I was working in the semi-dark, taking the abductor off the scallops – a little handicapped with no lighting. I was cursing out the fish guy, most of the scallops were in pieces, not whole ones; for $16 a pound you would expect better – Geeze!

Anyway, I couldn’t tell if the Old Bay seasoning was compliant, but I opened up a new jar anyway, shook it on the oiled scallops and UGH it was a spooner not a shaker – Old Bay everywhere! Hubby is not a spice guy – at all! I rinsed them off as best I could in the dark and dropped them on the grill. Dinner was not my finest moment!

Snack – I know, I know, no snacking; I was up late catching up on Project Runway…… I had an Rxbar. Compliant? Yes, but. Delicious? Absolutely. And miles from my usual late night snack – ice cream! Get a great price here!

Tomorrow is another day!

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Order the Whole30: 30 Day Guide to Health and Food Freedom here.

You can learn all about the Whole30 Program Here the Official Website! It’s loaded with great information about the program, which is free for everyone. Pretty cool!

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!

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