Whole 30 – Day 5 – Sailing Through Monday

Lost in the Journey

Whole 30 – Day 5 – Sailing Through Monday

It has been pretty easy so far; I am in day 5 and this is my first Monday. I like that! Black coffee is becoming okay, however I do miss cheese and wine! Thirty days are not that long!!!! I hope.

This morning was the first day since I started, I woke up without a headache. My body must be close to eliminating the sugar and carb residuals??? Not a nutritionist, but feeling better is a great sign.

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Meal Prep and Storage are Key

To succeed, I believe planned-overs and prepacking meal prep are the keys to success. I had my breakfast and lunch all set before I went to bed.

I like the glass storage containers because they go in the microwave. Like this morning, all I had to do was grab my container of leftover egg bake, soup, nuts and fruit salad – all prepacked and ready to go. I think much clearer in the evening, when I do my best prepacking. Preparing my meals in the evening helps in two ways: obviously my lunch is ready in the morning, but it reminds me how great I am doing and how I shouldn’t fall down after dinner and go off plan! My dangerous time of day.

Win of the Day

Yesterday I had only one bout of acid reflux, where normally it would be 4 or 5 a day and today I had zero! Zero! That is a great win for me. Makes me really happy.

Today’s Menu

Breakfast – Planned over egg bake and fruit salad

Lunch – Vegetable Soup – from Day 2 – with toasted sunflower seeds

Dinner – Baked Sweet Potatoes – can I tell you how much I love my Pampered Chef roasting pan – it’s well seasoned for sure.

Sauted shrimp with a little ghee. For a veggie, I make a quick cuke salad with an English Cucumber, fresh dill, fresh parsley, evoo and apple cider vinegar.


I encourage you to read about the Whole 30 program. The rules are free on the Whole 30 website. What do you have to lose?? Some weight? Acid Reflux? Sugar Addiction?

Order the Whole30: 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom here!!!

Read about the Whole 30 Program rules here

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!

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