Whole 30 Day 3 – Working out the Kinks

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Whole 30 Day 3 – Working out the Kinks

Today is Saturday and we have our granddaughter today. It is also the day before Easter.

I need to figure this out this breakfast and lunch thing quickly because I go back to the office on Monday! I usually eat at my desk and it is almost always a yogurt and granola bar for breakfast and a bag of salad for lunch – the stuff that makes you feel like you are eating healthy but are loaded with sugar. Bad sugar! I read that sugar is more addictive than some narcotics, I believe it has to do with dopamine levels, but I’m not a nutritionist! I have a sugar withdrawal headache today.

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I’m not good at following someone else’s plan and I prefer to make plannedovers when I can – we are all super busy, right? So thaat means we may eat the same meal a few times in a row – but it sure saves time.

Breakfast РI finished the rest of the roasted potatoes and onions, saut̩ing them in a pan, the cooked two eggs (one yoke broke Рso sad) and added the second half of the avocado; waste not want not. Not super pretty, but super yummy and on plan.

Off to my daughters house to watch her 16 month old. She never stops moving! It’s hard to feed her and not snack. Trying to diet as a mom is really hard!

Lunch – I brought a container of soup which I had parceled out yesterday with some more peppitos. These containers a great, they are heavy glass with a plastic lid with a gripper. They go in the microwave and are spill proof. You can find the glass ones here.

We made it home early evening and I needed to go the the Easter Vigil at Church, so I had another “snack” – bad Sandi. I had a Cashew Larabar – one of the compliant ones. I’m still fighting my headache and this snack is sure better than the huge bowl of popcorn I would have had in the past. So, I count this as a win.

Dinner – I didn’t get home until 10 pm so dinner was quick. Frozen shrimp, warmed in water to thaw and tossed in Ghee. Very tasty and very filling.

Day 3 is in the bank! This takes some brain retaining.

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