Teaching Sewing Techniques For A Fabulous High-End Look

Fabulous Cruise Wear You Can Sew

I just returned from an amazing cruise and the cruise wear fashion made me want to sew. I put together a few of my top streetwear choices, paired them with patterns, and found fabrics that work to showcase fabulous cruise wear you can sew at home. These styles are modern yet timeless, perfect additions to your warm weather wardrobe.

sewing cute summer shorts

Sewing Cute Summer Shorts

How do we achieve these criteria? One way is by sewing cute summer shorts; a few new pairs of shorts and your summer wardrobe will be runway ready!

Sewing Q&A

Sewing Q&A at Sewing With Sandi

Monthly Q&A All your sewing questions answered! Sunday, June 26th, 9:00 a.m. Join us here!

How To Make Bias Binding

Finishing your beautiful garments with a custom bias binding will elevate your creations to the next level. It is easy to learn how to make bias binding, follow along with the instructions below or watch my video; you will be sewing coordinating bias binding in no time. And loving the way your finished pieces look.

How To Choose Serger Thread

How To Choose Serger Thread

What is the difference between serger thread and sewing machine thread? Not much really. However, serger thread is typically spun on a cone and holds 2,700+ yards while machine sewing thread is usually 100+ yards on a small spool. Selecting the right thread will make your sewing project easier.

cute tops for summer

Cute Tops For Summer

You can never have too many summer tops! Every year I make more and I still don’t have enough. Of course, every year I have to cull ketchup stained, hiking grimed, and sweat ruined tops and send them packing. Happily, I get to make new, pretty tops every year.

how to add a pocket to your tote bag

How To Add A Pocket To Your Tote

This is why we sew. We sew to make custom items and garments that reflect our personality, that fit, and that are crafted with skill. It takes practice, but with careful attention to detail and some trail and error, you can sew gorgeous items that you will love.

Draping Beyond Basics – Bust Length

When you sew with quality fabrics, patterns that fit your body, and good draping techniques, you will be proud to wear your #MeMade garments. You can let your creativity shine by adding all the details that make you happy — pockets, trim on the outer edges, or whatever design element you want to add. All it takes is your imagination, quality fabrics, and your trusty sewing machine.

Sewing Beyond Basics - Invisible Zipper

Sewing Beyond Basics – Invisible Zipper

Does sewing an invisible zipper scare you? It shouldn’t. They are super easy to sew, it just takes a few new techniques. Once you have mastered inserting an invisible zipper, you will never go back to a lapped or centered zip again.

The Best Threads for Sewing Clothes That Fit

I can’t count the times a sewist comes to me with a project and proudly displays a box of her grandmother, auntie, or mom’s sewing thread. You know that precious sewing box that holds all the latest tools and thread colors from the 1950s! Think about what has been happening to that thread all these years. It has aged, deteriorated, and is no longer state-of-the-art construction material.