Teaching Sewing Techniques For A Fabulous High-End Look

My Favorite Online Sewing Stores

There are lots of online fabric stores. However, finding one you love to scroll through and keep a running cart full of goodies can be a challenge. Below are some of my favorite fabric stores to visit in person and order online.

Learn to sew - hip draping

Learn To Sew – Hip Draping

he simple art of getting the hip curve of your garment at the spot where you body’s hip curve resides can be achieved in a few short steps. Let’s get started with learn to sew – hip draping.

McCall’s 8022 Sew Along

McCall’s 8022 sew along is a fun way to kick off your fall sewing. I love getting back into the swing of things in autumn. The fabrics are so cozy and the saturated colors are rich and deep.

Draping Beyond Basics — Waist Draping

Practice makes perfect. Select a pattern you like, make a practice garment, and then give it a critical eye and try draping it for a better fit. I hope you give draping beyond basics — waist draping a go. Your clothes will look and fit great.

Sewing Makes And Plans Volume 7

The pattern is simple and should be added to your fall sewing plans. It is a good option for someone with beginner sewing skills who can follow a pattern.

My next project for Simplicity 8377 is with this delicious creamy ponte roma from Minerva. It’s perfect for a winter white cardigan. It’s their Ponte Roma Double Stretch Knit — I can’t wait to cut into this one.

Fabulous Cruise Wear You Can Sew

I just returned from an amazing cruise and the cruise wear fashion made me want to sew. I put together a few of my top streetwear choices, paired them with patterns, and found fabrics that work to showcase fabulous cruise wear you can sew at home. These styles are modern yet timeless, perfect additions to your warm weather wardrobe.

sewing cute summer shorts

Sewing Cute Summer Shorts

How do we achieve these criteria? One way is by sewing cute summer shorts; a few new pairs of shorts and your summer wardrobe will be runway ready!

Sewing Q&A

Sewing Q&A at Sewing With Sandi

Monthly Q&A All your sewing questions answered! Sunday, June 26th, 9:00 a.m. Join us here!

How To Make Bias Binding

Finishing your beautiful garments with a custom bias binding will elevate your creations to the next level. It is easy to learn how to make bias binding, follow along with the instructions below or watch my video; you will be sewing coordinating bias binding in no time. And loving the way your finished pieces look.

How To Choose Serger Thread

How To Choose Serger Thread

What is the difference between serger thread and sewing machine thread? Not much really. However, serger thread is typically spun on a cone and holds 2,700+ yards while machine sewing thread is usually 100+ yards on a small spool. Selecting the right thread will make your sewing project easier.