Teaching Sewing Techniques For A Fabulous High-End Look

Brother CS6000i

The Best Beginner Sewing Machine

After over 20 years of teaching sewing classes, one common question I hear is “What is a good sewing machine for me?” Since I purchased my first Brother sewing machine many years ago, they have always been my go to recommendation. New sewers are looking for a product that is reliable, offers a great value, and has state-of-the-art technology; the Brother CS6000i sewing machine is all that and more.

how to add a pocket to your tote bag

How To Add A Pocket To Your Tote

This is why we sew. We sew to make custom items and garments that reflect our personality, that fit, and that are crafted with skill. It takes practice, but with careful attention to detail and some trail and error, you can sew gorgeous items that you will love.

Draping Beyond Basics – Bust Length

When you sew with quality fabrics, patterns that fit your body, and good draping techniques, you will be proud to wear your #MeMade garments. You can let your creativity shine by adding all the details that make you happy — pockets, trim on the outer edges, or whatever design element you want to add. All it takes is your imagination, quality fabrics, and your trusty sewing machine.

Sewing Beyond Basics - Invisible Zipper

Sewing Beyond Basics – Invisible Zipper

Does sewing an invisible zipper scare you? It shouldn’t. They are super easy to sew, it just takes a few new techniques. Once you have mastered inserting an invisible zipper, you will never go back to a lapped or centered zip again.

The Best Threads for Sewing Clothes That Fit

I can’t count the times a sewist comes to me with a project and proudly displays a box of her grandmother, auntie, or mom’s sewing thread. You know that precious sewing box that holds all the latest tools and thread colors from the 1950s! Think about what has been happening to that thread all these years. It has aged, deteriorated, and is no longer state-of-the-art construction material.

Simplicity Sewing Patterns Review For Spring

Sewing summer dresses can be quick and easy if you choose comfy, loose fitting, and unstructured patterns. You will be surprised at all the patterns you will want to try and the simple projects you can finish in a short timeframe.

Learn To Sew - Draping 101

Learn To Sew – Draping 101

It has been said that nothing in is new in fashion, it’s just updated. I love fashion magazines and tendy clothes, I also love high-end design, clothes that fit appropriately, work for my height, and age. I prefer to calculate my own garment ease, set garment lengths, and add (or delete) design lines. You will discover the creative side of sewing garments — you will love it!

Learn To Sew – Sewing 101

There are lots of easy sewing patterns on the market, perfecting your beginner sewing skills. Choose a sewing project that says “Easy” on the pattern, has simple lines, and is something you will like.

McCalls Sewing Pattern 7912 Review

McCalls Sewing Pattern 7912 Review

The long shawl collar is the perfect spot to play with patterns, textures, and fabrics. You can add a complimentary print and carry it over to the patch pockets for a fun look.

how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer

How To Make A Ponytail Hair Ribbon Streamer

There are lots of methods for how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer. Today we are going to explore a method that stitched right through the ponytail holder. I prefer constructing them this way because my little hair ribbon wearer is super active and this method keeps the ribbon in place and attached to…
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How To Make A Hair Bow Ribbon Hanger

How To Make A Hair Bow Ribbon Hanger

Perfect for hanging bows with alligator clips, this simple and easy project will have you looking for more bows to expand your collection.