Teaching Sewing Techniques For A Fabulous High-End Look

Learn To Sew - Draping 101

Learn To Sew – Draping 101

It has been said that nothing in is new in fashion, it’s just updated. I love fashion magazines and tendy clothes, I also love high-end design, clothes that fit appropriately, work for my height, and age. I prefer to calculate my own garment ease, set garment lengths, and add (or delete) design lines. You will discover the creative side of sewing garments — you will love it!

Learn To Sew – Sewing 101

There are lots of easy sewing patterns on the market, perfecting your beginner sewing skills. Choose a sewing project that says “Easy” on the pattern, has simple lines, and is something you will like.

McCalls Sewing Pattern 7912 Review

McCalls Sewing Pattern 7912 Review

The long shawl collar is the perfect spot to play with patterns, textures, and fabrics. You can add a complimentary print and carry it over to the patch pockets for a fun look.

how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer

How To Make A Ponytail Hair Ribbon Streamer

There are lots of methods for how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer. Today we are going to explore a method that stitched right through the ponytail holder. I prefer constructing them this way because my little hair ribbon wearer is super active and this method keeps the ribbon in place and attached to…
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How To Make A Hair Bow Ribbon Hanger

How To Make A Hair Bow Ribbon Hanger

Perfect for hanging bows with alligator clips, this simple and easy project will have you looking for more bows to expand your collection.

How To Make a Pony

Converting A Tunic To A Dress

Converting the Style Arc Teddy Designer Top to a dress was super easy and I love the casual swing dress look.

Style Arc Designer Teddy Top Sew Along

Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along

It is all about the tunic tops for me. I love a comfy tunic paired with skinny jeans or leggings. I decided to give this tunic pattern a try and video taped while I sewed. My Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along is the first attempt at this top and I like the way it…
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Sewing Makes And Plans Volume 6

What can I say about this pattern – it’s the perfect swing top/dress. If you have never sewn with knits, this is the one to hone your skills. Super easy to construct and great twin needle detail, you will love the way it fits.


Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners

Using a free machine from your grandmother may seem like a good idea, but once you get it home, you will find it can be a more than a little frustrating for beginner sewing projects. It is the easiest way to relegate your fun projects and great ideas into the closet.

How Tp sew a bottonhole the easy way

How To Sew A Buttonhole The Easy Way

When you sew a buttonhole, the buttonhole foot is the most important tool in the entire buttonhole system. Unless, of course, you choose to make a buttonhole by hand. But why would you?