Teaching Sewing Techniques For A Fabulous High-End Look

How To Sew Straps Without Turning Them

You can make straps of all sizes with this method. And all you need to do is a little math.

Dunga Dress Pattern Review

Dunga Dress Pattern Review

The Dunga Dress is a straight forward pattern with a relaxed fit and easy techniques. The relaxed fit requires little or no fitting adjustments, making this a fun, casual dress.

McCall's 7695 Pattern Review

McCall’s 7695 Pattern Review

When making up a new pattern, it is important to check the fit with a practice garment. The straight forward pattern, with very little shaping and no darting made this a good candidate for a wearable muslin.

Using A Twin Needle To Sew Knits

Using A Twin Needle To Sew Knits

Learn to sew knits with a twin needle. Once you start using a twin needle to sew knits, you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

Etsy Gift Guide For Your Canine Fur Baby

Shopping on Etsy helps entrepreneurs who are supporting their families by following their true calling – #makers. Explore the gorgeous and unique handcrafted gifts in this Etsy gift guide for your canine fur baby. You will find that perfect gift and your new favorite Etsy Shop. Sewing With Sandi is a participant in the Awin,…
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Faux Leather Moto Jacket With Pintuck Details

The pintuck detail requires some precise sewing. It’s not hard to accomplish, but it does require care. These markings are very close together and marking them can be a challenge. This fabric doesn’t fray, so I just clipped through the marks ever so slightly.

DIY Minky Scarf

DIY Minky Scarf

My quick and easy DIY Minky Scarf video demonstration is up on YouTube! You will love wearing and gifting these super soft, super easy scarfs.

Craig's Blouse Sewing Pattern Review

Craig’s Blouse Sewing Pattern Review

Craig’s Blouse has soft gathers in the front that replace the bust darts. The gathers offer a comfortable fit with a soft, floaty feel. The gathers are easy to make and seem to be more fit forgiving than a bust dart. Plus it’s a nice addition to your wardrobe options.

How To Make A Flutter Sleeve

Do you have sleeves on your sewing patterns that just don’t fit quite right? Or, maybe, you want a sleeve that is loose and flowy. This quick sewing class will demonstrate how to make a flutter sleeve. Sewing With Sandi is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and others, an affiliate advertising…
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How To Sew A Swing Dress That Fits

I love a great swing dress. I especially love a maxi length swing dress. They are easy to wear, a breeze to sew, a simple to fit. I’m going to share with you how to sew a swing dress that fits