DIY T Shirt Hacks

How to Modify a T-Shirt With Little Or No Sewing

Create clothes you love to wear with these DIY T Shirt Hacks. Below are Youtube video links that will take your t-shirt wardrobe from function to fashion.

Many of these techniques work equally well for sweatshirt neckline hacks.

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Asymmetric Neckline Hack For A Graphic T Shirt

Sassy graphic t-shirts are fun to wear. However, I dislike the look of a crew neckline — it makes you look old and buttoned up. Opening up the neckline is easy and makes a huge difference in your t-shirt style.

I love my I’m Fine, It’s Fine Graphic T Shirt.

This short video will help you create an asymmetrical neckline for your graphic tee. Voila!

The Sperry’s and earings are from Stitch Fix – use my code to get $25 off your first order —

Modify A Crew Neck To A V Neck

I made this fluffy pink and cozy sweatshirt, then modified the crew neck to a V neck in this simple hack. You can apply the same technique to your t-shirt.

Add Ruching To A Classic T-Shirt

T-shirts tend to emphasize your tummy — not a good look for almost anyone. By adding a simple piece of stretched elastic to the side seam, you can create a ruching look that will add some interest and lift up the t-shirt giving you a more pleasing line.

Video Coming soon.

DIY T Shirt Hacks

Sew and snip a few DIY T shirt hacks and add some variety to your casual wardrobe.

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