French Style In Paris

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5 Classic Parisian Style French Wardrobe Essentials You Can Sew

All across Paris and the surrounding towns, you will find women dressed in classic neutral colors. A trench coat is a must for the regular bouts of rainy weather. Another piece of required Parisian style is a scarf, wool or silk, wrapped or knotted, the ubiquitous scarf is a wardrobe staple. French style in Paris — let’s get sewing!

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Cropped Pants — The Everyday French Woman

The Inspiration
French Style in Paris
Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are everywhere in Paris. They can be skinny, wide, or somewhere inbetween. Worn with ankle boots, sneakers, and heals, they are the French girl goto wardrobe staple year round.

The Pattern
Burda Sewing Pattern 7062

Burda Sewing Pattern 7062 is a cropped tailored trouser with a side zip and ankle vents. The vents allow you to get a severe tapper on the ankle.

The Fabric
Minerva Core Range Stretch Woven Gabardine Twill Fabric

This pattern calls for a stretch woven. Minerva Core Range Stretch Woven Gabardine Twill Fabric in black will work well for this tailored look.

Extra Pieces
AllSaints Kikki Trench Coat

Finding a full-length black trench coat requires a little bit of a shopping hunt. However, if you want something chic and unusual, the AllSaints Kikki Trench Coat is the piece for you.

Modal & Silk Scarf

The Modal & Silk Scarf in a soft white is a lovely way to add you own style to a look.

Wide Leg Pants — French Fashion At Its Best

The Inspiration
French Style in Paris
Wide Leg Pants

Flowy wide leg pants in a soft pastel sets off all the classic neutrals. Dressy or casual, these pants are perfect for work or play. Cropped or full length, they are the epitome of Parisian style.

The Pattern
Simplicity Sewing Pattern 8134

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 8134 is a good basis for the wide leg pant. It has an elastic waist and there is a wrap around side panel with a tie front – love that!

The cropped version of the pattern is a little shorter than the Parisian style. What I saw was a hemline just sitting at the top of sneakers or ankle boots.

The Fabric
Minerva Core Range Viscose Challis in Dark Gold

Fabrics should be soft and floaty, Challis, Pique, Gauze, Lightweight Linen, etc. I like this Minerva Core Range Viscose Challis. The collection comes in over 50 different colorways.

Extra Pieces
Wool Beret

How cute is this little Beret! It is an inexpensive way to elevate your Parisian flair.

Light Gray Coat — Effortless Style

The Inspiration
French Style In Paris
Light Grey Coat

I love this intrepid woman riding her rent-a-bike around the streets of Paris — In a dress!

The Pattern
Grainline Studios Yates Coat

I am a fan of Grainline Studios Yates Coat. I did a Sew Along for Minerva with step-by-step instructions for this wonderful short coat. You can find the Sew Along Here.

The Fabric
Minerva Core Range Heavy 100% Boiled Wool Coating Fabric in Blue Grey

Minerva Core Range Heavy 100% Boiled Wool Coating Fabric comes in 20 different colors and is perfect for a short season-transitioning coat.

Extra Pieces
HOBO Draft Leather Crossbody Bag

The HOBO Draft Leather Crossbody Bag is not only chic, it is important for hands-free cycling to work.

Sweater Jacket — Je Ne Sais Quoi

The Inspiration
French Style in Paris
Sweater Jacket

The double-breasted knit jacket in beige is the epitome of timeless wardrobe essentials. This girl is on a mission, but looks great with her layered look.

The Pattern
Simplicity Sewing Pattern 8749

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 8749 is a great option for this type of jacket. It has a single button instead of the double breasted look, but I prefer less fabric on my outer layers. It is a Mimi G pattern, so you know it is chic.

The Fabric
Lady McElroy Sydney Four Way Stretch Woven Suiting in Blush

The jacket is designed for a stretch woven and the blush version of Lady McElroy Sydney Four Way Stretch Woven Suiting is perfect. It is light enough for multiple layers, has fabric movement with the stretch, but looks like a woven piece — a win win.

Extra Pieces
Prada New Brixxen Re-Nylon Combat Boot

The Prada New Brixxen Re-Nylon Combat Boot may cost you a part of your monthly rent ($1620), but they are super cute. From blue jeans to floral dresses, they work with pretty much everything in your closet.

Classic Trench Coat — Fashion Essentials

The Inspiration
Prada New Brixxen Re-Nylon Combat Boot

Classic pieces like the iconic trench coat are everywhere in Paris and every other major city around the world. Whether it is subtle beige or a hip fashionista version, the classic trench is here to stay.

The Pattern
Vogue 9367

Vogue 9367 is a classic style trench coat. This pattern will take more than one or two sewing sessions, but it is the type of garment that will be in your wardrobe for years.

The Fabric
Atelier Brunette 100% Cotton Gabardine Fabric in Maple

The pattern calls for Gabardine, Poplin, and traditional raincoat fabrics. Atelier Brunette 100% Cotton Gabardine Fabric isn’t waterproof, but would make a lovely trench style jacket.

Extra Pieces
Franka Pointed Toe Bootie

You don’t need to spend a fortune to look stylish, the Franka Pointed Toe Bootie is a steal at $36 – marked down from $120.

Live Photo Shoot — Paris Fashion Week Peek

Photo Shoot at Petit Palais

I happened upon a live photo shoot on the steps of the Petit Palais in Paris. It was fun watching them pose the model. I thought she might tumble down the stairs with this shot!

French Women Wear Color and Pattern Sparingly

The bottom line, if you want to dress with a chic Parisian flair, stick to neutral colors and classic pieces. And don’t forget your French girl scarf! French style in Paris – Love!

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French style in paris

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