Vogue V9330 Wide Turtle Neck Sweater


I missed the boat last year on Sew House Seven’s popular Toaster Sweater.  I loved it, but it just never made it on my to-do-list. When I saw the new Vogue remake, which features a few extra details, I knew I had to have it.

I love a great Vogue Pattern, they incorporate classic design lines with stylish, modern twists. I bought it the first time it went on sale! I knew it would be on my Fall shopping list for New York City Fabric Shopping. You can view my Fabric Haul Video HERE.  I actually bought 3 fabrics to make it with. I still have a heather brown wool jersey from Mood on the cutting table.

Knowing this is an oversized look, I cut the pattern down a little from my usual size so I wouldn’t feel swamped by the sweater.  I used a yummy off-white Ponte Roma from B&J Textiles.  OMG, I love this sweater.  It is cozy, comfy and stylish. The heavy, boxy contrast between the weighty sweater and the flowy B&J Textiles crepe, wide leg pants which are V9305 – my favorite slacks pattern.  You can see my tutorial on converting your favorite slacks to wide leg HERE.

I did find that the first one I made was still a little large for my boxy frame.  I cut everything down a ½ size from my original and shortened the sleeves and body 1”.  The second version is more in proportion to my frame.  This fuchsia fabric is a wool jersey from Mood.  It has a distinct knit line, so I was careful to have all the pieces going in the same direction.  I bought 2 yards, washed it – so it shrank a little and I had just enough fabric to cut out the sweater.

I love the darts on the sleeves making them come in about 2 ½ inches at the wrist. Also, the side panel inserts are really fun and can lead to some interesting color blocking. It works up like a dream.  The pieces fit together perfectly, there are plenty of seams to make fit adjustments and it goes up in a jiffy.  The sewing time on both these sweaters was under 2 hours each.

I see loads of these in my future.  I’m thinking they will make great Christmas gifts because they are cozy, stylish and have some forgiveness in the way they fit.

Fun Things to Do in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Some of these links are affiliate links some are just things I love. I recieve compensation if you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you.
Plymouth is a super friendly town that is great for a day trip or a weekend get-a-way

Everyone needs to see Plimoth Rock – it is great, albeit questionable historical accuracy, symbol of the Pilgrim’s landing on America soil. Don’t be too disappointed, since it is truly just a rock; but it is encased in a beautiful superstructure built in 1920. Anchoring a beautiful park along the Plymouth Harbor.

Where to Eat

Enjoy a lovely lunch at East Bay Grill. You can eat out on the patio overlooking the harbor. We had amazing lobster rolls, loaded with huge pieces of perfectly cooked lobster meat, served with coleslaw and a pile of French fries.

If you are needing that after dinner, vacation required ice cream – go to Ziggy’s on Water Street. All I can say is Yum!

Other Fun Things to do in Plymouth

Plimoth Plantation will keep you busy for an entire day.  You can visit my favorite tours here!  My favorite viewing at Plimoth Plantation is the Rare Breeds in the Nye Barn, I am a farmer deep down in my soul. There is the Grist Mill, Craft Center, 17th Century English Village, and the Wampanoag Homesite. If you love American History or are looking for a pastoral place to spend some family friendly time – this is the place.

Now, if you want a little adventure – Plymouth has that too.  A whale watch tour is the ticket if you are looking for adventure on the high seas, you can check out one here.

Long Beach in Plymouth and White Horse Beach are two beautiful public beaches if you want to get in some chilly Cape Cod Bay swimming. We were treated to a horseback riding group enjoying the Long Beach surf on a sunny September Sunday.

There are lots of great Airbnb’s in Plymouth.  We stayed in an old Fisherman’s cottage ½ block from the harbor between Water Street and Court Street. Court Street has a lively shopping and bar scene, with most places rocking until late in the evening.

I love Airbnb, it can give you a homey, neighborhood space, with perhaps a separate bedroom and living room, some kitchen space, and room for friends and family.

For something more upscale, there is the 1620 Hotel  it has well appointed rooms, great location and is adjacent to a quaint little shopping center offering small specialty shops.

Art is alive and well in Plymouth

Plymouth Lobster Crawl organized by the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce features 29 unique 5’ tall lobster structures through out the waterfront and downtown Plymouth. Make sure you tag your photos: #PlymouthLobsterCrawl

You will see lots of Art in Plymouth.  The Plymouth Public Art Initiative brings hand-painted Adirondack chairs and picnic tables to the Waterfront for her visitors to enjoy.

Okay, I couldn’t resist photographing this huge fallen tree.  It’s been here quite a while and I’m guessing that it is part of the art scene on the waterfront.

A weekend get-a-way, where the locals are super friendly, there is lots to do and see, and the restorative nature of the water will have you wanting to go back and visit again and again.

Get Lost in the Journey!


Gloria Ferrer Winery, Sonoma Valley

When we visited San Francisco recently, we took a wine tour that visited three Napa and Sonoma Wineries. The best of the best was the Gloria Ferrer Winery – Sonoma

The tour took us from the anti room, to the barrel holding room where they have lots of parties, then on to the bar overlooking the production room.

We tasted grapes fresh from the vine. They were super sweet and delishious!

We enjoyed a close up look at some of Gloria’s Champaign flute collection. Unfortunately we did not have a tour of their famous caves, however, the harvest was beginning that evening and they were getting ready for it to begin that evening.

The grapes are harvested mostly at night, but hand.  It is a long process, but it ensures the grape skins (which ad color to the final wine) are not broken.  This gives the wine maker more control over the color.

My favorite wine at Gloria Ferrer was the 2015 Jose Ferrer Selection Chardonnay at $40 a bottle, it is not inexpensive, but for a special dinner – it would be perfect.

I decided to join their wine Cuvee Club which ships two bottles every quarter. I recieved my first shipment recently.

If you want to try some great wines when you are in Sonoma Valley, be sure to visit the Gloria Ferrer Winery.  You will be happy you did.

Hope you get Lost in the Journey


How to Navigate the NYC Fabric Stores – Turn by Turn Directions

Some of these links are affiliate links some are just things I love. I recieve compensation if you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Want to shop the New York City Garment District Fabric Stores? Don’t know where to start? Here is a stop by stop, step by step tour of my favorite places to shop!

The best place to start if you are taking the train is Grand Central Terminal.  If you are coming in on Amtrak and start at Penn Station, this will work for you too. Our starting point for all other travelers is Mood Fabrics. I like to start at Mood for two reasons: 

  1. It can be overwhelming at the end of your trip when you are tired.
  2. When starting from Grand Central, your bags are empty on the longest part of the walk – important to consider.

Speaking of bags.  I take one wheely carry on bag (this is a good one from Amazon) with a back pack inside. This is a day trip itinerary, so I’ll add a water and some snack bars incase I get hangry.

When you arrive at Grand Central Station, you need to exit the station through the 42 Street Door.  Turn right, you should be facing Madison Avenue. Walk to Madison and turn left and walk 5 blocks (these are the short blocks) to W 37th Street. Turn right on 37th Street, you are headed West and the streets will change from E to W.  You will cross 5th Avenue, Avenue of the Americas, Broadway and 7th Avenue. Mood is halfway down the block on the right side of the street, 225 W 37th Street, take the elevator to the 3rd Floor and have FUN! The attendant at the door will ask you to check you bag, this is another reason I like to start here – my back is empty! Be sure to have your camera ready, Swatch is a quick one! I usually spend 1 to 1 ½ hours in Mood depending on my list.

Next stop is Elliott Berman Textiles. They are a wholesale and online shop that is open to walk-ins during the week.  They are not open on the Weekend. When you walk out the door of Mood turn left, walk to 7th Avenue.  Take a right on 7th Avenue then a right on W 35th Street. EBT is on the right side of the street at 225 W 35th Street. They are on the 7th Floor. They have lots of great imported French and Italian fabrics.  You do have to hunt – it is a fun and quiet place to shop. Nothing has a price on it, so you have to buy on faith or keep asking for help. When you have made your selections, one of the girls will follow you around with a pair of scissors and cut what you need off the bolt. I usually spend ½ – 1 hour here.

About this time I am ready for a coffee and muffin. There is a Starbucks in the lobby of our next stop, but there are lots of great places along the way.

Next stop is one of my all-time favorite stores – B & J Fabrics!  525 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018 Take a left out of Elliott Berman and head back to 7th Avenue. Turn left on 7th Avenue, B & J is 3 and 1/2 blocks, between W 38th and W 39th Streets. You will need to cross 7th Avenue. They are on the 2nd Floor.  Be prepared to want

All. The. Pretty. Things!

They carry and extensive line of suiting and dress shirt fabrics, cottons, and a large array of silks and specialty fabrics.  Here you shop by the hanging sample. Then you take your selections to the staff and they will fetch to bolts for you. Also, if you decide on a bolt on the floor, ask the staff for help.  They would prefer to move everything around themselves. I have been known to spend up to 2 hours here. They are the best!

My last stop is Pacific Trimming 218 W 38th St.  I like to stop here last so I can get all the buttons, zips and trim I need for my purchases.  This way I have all the fabrics with me and can match colors and textures. From B & J, take a left out of the building and cross 7th Avenue at W 38th Street.  You should see Pacific Trimmings, it is on the left side of W 38th one building down.

From here you can easily make your way back to Grand Central Terminal, 89 E 42nd St, Turn right out of Pacific Trim, Walk up W 38th to Madison. Turn left on Madison and walk to 42nd Street to the Grand Central Terminal.

Catch your train, rest your feet and enjoy your fabulous fabric!

Other shops to add in:

Leather Impact is on the 10th floor, in the same building as B & J Fabrics. I haven’t been to their new shop here, but in the old shop you had to be buzzed in. They sell top quality leather.

Until this last trip, New York Elegant Fabrics would be my last stop, they were on W 40th street and have a large selection of discount fabrics.  They are moving to W 36th street in the Fall of 2018 to a much smaller shop.

There are lots of great, small shops all along the route.  You should top in and take a peek. You can get some great deals.

I run guided shopping tours several times a year in NYC, register for my newsletter to find out when the next one is happening!

Of course, if you can’t get to NYC, all of these shops have great online stores with helpful staff.

Sew What’s Fabulous





California Road Trip – San Francisco to Los Angeles

Some of these links are affiliate links some are just things I love. I recieve compensation if you purchase through these links at no additional cost to you.

California Coast Tour: San Franciso to Los Angeles – our 3 day California Coast Road Trip where neither Chris or I had to drive!

This trip included all the must see stops on the California Coast. Our guide was Adam, he is knowledgeable, friendly and is like your new travel BFF!

We booked our tour through Viator, it was simple and amazing.

On Tuesday morning, Adam pulled into our hotel, the Hyatt Regency Downtown San Franciso, right on time.  He loaded our luggage and after we collected another group from a different hotel we were off and running aimed at the Pacific Coastal Highway. Adam gave us a brief overview of the day and then we were on our way to Monterey.

There are planned stops every few hours to give you a chance to regroup, stretch and view the sites.  Our first stop was Pigion Point Lighthouse, part of the California Department of Parks and Recreation.

I was thrilled to see the plants! All of these we have to grow in pots back in New England.

Our next stop was at Swanton Berry Farm in Davenport. It is a family run farm with a lovely little shop where you drop your money in a till on the honor system.  We bought a pint of Mara Des Bois organic strawberries.  Chris and I had finished them before we pulled out of the parking lot. Yum!

We saw some beautiful California beaches and lovely homes on our drive down to Santa Cruz, where we stopped for lunch and a stroll.  We had a light lunch and a stroll around town window shopping.

Our next stop was Monterey, we were staying at the Spindrift Inn in Cannery Row (Steinbeck anyone?).

But first we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I did not expected to be impressed, but I was wrong.  The Monterey Bay is filled with Kelp Forrests which is home to some amazing sea creaters. Our timing was good and we watched the diver feed the sharks and other large fish. The special exhibit was Viva Baja, which featured creatures from the coastal habitats of Baja. Just take a look at this flamboyant cuttlefish – it is beautiful.

Our room at the Spindrift Inn was lovely, upscale beachy decor. There was a sweet bay window seat overlooking Cannery Row.

The only downside of the room was the lingering smokey smell.  The inroom fireplace had be used recently.

The hotel is 4 stories and has a large roof deck which overlooks Monterey Bay. We had our happy hour and breakfast the following day on the deck.  The views were spectacular, I want to have  my coffee there every morning!

Adam collected us early in the morning for day 2 of our coastal trip.  We were excited because the Big Sur scenic drive had just reopened a week before, it was closed for almost a year due to a landslide.

But first it was the world-famous 17-Mile Drive.  Magnificent views, homes, and my husband’s favorite – Pebble Beach Golf Club.  We had about an hour to wander around the grounds and through the club house. Did you know Pebble Beach is a public course? Anyone can play there – even me – Ha!

But there is more to see on this drive, The Lone Cypress – a California landmark, the Del Monte Forrest, Spyglass Hill Golf Course, The Poppy Hills Golf Course and more.

Carmel-by-the-Sea was our next stop. We had a drive by some of the sweet cottages then parked. We had about an hour to grab a quick lunch (lots of great little coffee shops) and window shop. Since Chris and I love walking, it is fun to explore these little towns. This $3,500 leather jacket caught my eye,  but I couldn’t get Chris to bite 🙂

Big Sur – all I can say is WOW! The 3+ hour drive up and down twisting roads with breathtaking views. We stopped several times for photographs, even ran into people from Boston. These photographs do not do the scenery justice!

We stopped in San Simeon to view the Elephant Seal Colonies – the male seals were in residence – they are huge and loud.  Fun to watch.

Hearst Castle – what can I say…..250,000 acres, 41 fireplaces, and 60 bathrooms!

1 Refilling-the-Pool_4157

Photo credit: from

Adam dropped us off and went to check us into our hotels and drop our luggage (one of the great perks of tour travel). We boarded the bus at the visitor center then began the treck up the mountain to the Enchanted Hill for the Grand Rooms Tour. The tour was interesting, and included parts of the gardens, pools and the large entertainment areas.  The real fun was wandering the gardens and taking in the breathtaking views.

After a white-knuckle ride back down the long driveway, we were off to our hotel in Cambria, The Rigdon House, a lovely boutique hotel off the main drag. We were just a little late for happy hour, which is ubiquitous in Coastal California. We enjoyed some nice Chardonney and light finger food along with delightful company: a young couple from Dublin, Ireland, a couple from Simi Valley and a couple from Los Angeles.  We eventually made our way to Robin’s for dinner. It was accross the street from Rigdon House and recommended by Adam.  The atmosphere was California Coastal Casual and we had a great meal – I highly recommend the Pecan Tart if it is available, Yum!

Our suite at Rigdon House was gorgeous, well appointed and very clean. We really only were in Cambria for dinner and sleep, but from my short peak of the area – it looked like a nice sleepy, well traveled town between San Franciso and LA.

Day 3 began with an 8:00 am pickup and a morning drive to Solvang. A Danish tourist town loaded with wine tasting and pastry shops.  We stopped for an hour and had enough time for a pasty, coffee and a walk about town.

Santa Ynez Valley was next on our list, loaded with vineyards, grapes and cows as far as you can see (at least until the mountains inhibit the view).

We finished our time with Adam in Santa Barbara.  He brought us to the Amtrak Station as planned and organized each groups tickets to Los Angeles.  We were spending two days in Santa Barbara (do you see a new blog possiblity here?), he arranged our tickets, and dropped us at our hotel, which he had recommended and was spot on!

Our touring trip was perfect, Chris didn’t have to drive so he got to see all the amazing vistas, relax and enjoy the ultimate summer road trip!

If you want to take this wonderful Pacific Coast road trip, you can book it here. Make sure to tell Adam, Sandi sent you!

Happy Travels,


Note: Some of these are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission from the vendor when you purchase through this link.  It does not add to your cost. Other items listed are just items I love and want to share with you!

Vogue Pattern V9305 Review

Wow, do I love this pattern!

When I saw it in the Vogue Pattern Magazine, I couldn’t wait for it to be released. Once I had the pattern, I had to search for a fabric that would work for the top.  I love the Elliot Berman Textiles burnout that I found, it is amazing. Light weight, comfy and gorgeous. Click here for Fabric Info

I have been looking for a pair of slim leg pants with a good fit for quite a while.  It is a cut that is  hard to find for a woven.  V9305 fits the bill for sure!

The first pair I made I used a fabric from my stash, a lightweight tencil.  The pants have a flat front with a waistband – very flattering.  For great fit (especially for someone that has a boxy figure) they have an elasic waistband in the back. Wow, do I love these pants (Oh ya, I said that already) 🙂

I made the first pair just as the pattern indicated.  Of course, I needed to make a few adjustments.  They legs were way too wide (not really a slim fit).  I took them in an inch beginning at the hip and crotch on each seam, that equals 4″ on each leg – lot of extra ease there. That gave me the leg I was looking for.

Then I had to go to pattern work to make the other two adjustments, which you can see here on my June Makes Vlog. I shorted the crotch lenght 1″ all the way around the pants (front and back) on the tissue.  I did this by folding the pattern down 1/2″ on the front and back tissue pieces.

The last adjustment I made was to take up the “saggy butt” fabric.  I cut the tissue from the inseam just below the crotch – to but not through the leg to the side seam.  Then I overlapped the inseam side by 1/2″ and taped it together.  This took out a tappered 1″ from the inseam and elimiated the sagging.  Make sure you do this on the front and back. You can see this adjustment in the video here.

The second pair I made from a Tropical Weight Wool from Mood Fabrics.  It has a little bit of stretch to give it some movement and prevent bagging.  I made these with the adjustments I made above and they fit wonderfully.

I am trying to make more outifts instead of “one offs”, so I paired them with a matching Ogden Cami.  This will look great with a fun jacket or sweater.  I also made a lace jacket to wear over them for the complete look. Learn more about this look here.

Some things that are great about these pants:

  • They work well for someone that does not have an hour-glass figure.  Although they would work for all figure types.
  • They are super flattering with the flat front and can be worn with or without a belt, tucked or untucked.
  • If you are on the weight loss train (funny, I’m actually stuck on a train right now – apparently going no where), they will carry over a size or two and still look great!

This pattern is easy to edit to achieve a great fit, I suggest you give them a try and the top is super cute too.

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!


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Shoes in the City – Which Kate Spade Shoes to Wear??

Are sandals really appropriate for city walking, public transportation riding and general health issues??

Men get to wear Dockers or Sketchers and they are good. Sneakers, depending on the brand can be amazing or super dull.

Women on the other hand…..

Today I was in the city, I had to ride the commuter rail, take a cab, and walk several miles.  It was 80 degrees and muggy (a little rainy too).  What was I suppose to wear? I had a meeting at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office, shopping at the Design Center and dinner with one of my daughters.

I considered sandals with a toe catch, but knew my feet would be sooo dirty. Plus, sandals are no fun in a downpour, and yes it did and I took a cab.

I opted for some older, but very cute Kate Spade New York Kicks – white and pink  with Chili Peppers. They are a little funky, a little cute, and a little practical. They don’t really go with everything, however, when I was walking and took a zig instead of a zag, I was happy I had the Kicks on.

I’m on the train home and now I would kill for the open, airyness (is that a word?) of my pair of cute pink Kate Spade Sandals. My feet are tired and sweaty, I know, Iknow, TMI. These are my favorite Sandals – I am a huge Kate Spade Fan!!

As we pull up to each stop, I notice shoes.  The lady next to me is all power suited up and sporting a pair of Nikes (I’m guessing she has office shoes in her oversized backpack squeezed between our seats). There were several women at the last stop that had really cute flip flops.  How long can you walk in those?

Of course, there is the occasional fashionista with stiletto heals. I’m thinking she will be paying for wearing them in 20 or 30 years, her feat will not be “happy” feet for sure.

I say, bring on winter when we can wear all kinds of boots and let our feet be happy AND still look fashionable! Oooh, maybe I should get some new Kate Spade Boots….. I am loving these!!!!!

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!


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Welcome to my site! I'm so excited to have you join my mailing list, as this means you'll always be up to speed on the latest posts published here.

If you are a traveler, sewer, fashionista, or everyday foodie, we have something for you! Join us on our journey as we explore fashion for fabulous women, travel for  If you have any questions drop me an email at

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Shopping in New York City

Where are the best places to shop in New York City?

Everyone has their favorites, for sure.  Below are a few of mine.

The challenge is always how to get there; Plane, Train, or Automobile? I have used all three, it depends on how many of us are going and if we are staying overnight.

But on to shopping! My favorite!!

The Garment District in New York City is layed out in a grid pattern, and is generally considered to be between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, from 34th to 42nd Streets. There is a great information on the neighborhood on Wiki.

Top Three Must Visits

Mood for sure. They have three floors of amazing fabric.  If you are lucky you might spot Swatch, their mascot terrier, he is usually tucked in somewhere out of the traffic.


B&J Fabrics has the most beautifully curated fabrics.  They have a wide selection of shirting and suiting fabrics, and also a large collection of silks, dressmaker cottons, and more.  I recently purchased a silk chiffon, it was pricey but sooooo amazing (you can see it here in my recent NYC Fabric Haul Vlog). I picked it up when I was at the DG Expo New York, in July.

Elliot Berman Textiles is a glorious wonder of fine Italian and French fabrics, priced very reasonable.  I purchased some Italian knits at the DG Expo where they had a booth.  They are always a pleasure to work with. You can see my EBT Fabric Haul Video Here

I prefer to stay overnight, my favorite places is the New Yorker.  It’s a block from Penn Station.  So if I fly or take the train, I can access Penn Station easily and, more importantly, frugally (more money for fabric).  The New Yorker is also on the edge of the shopping district and is the perfect home base. Last time I was there, it was pouring, we were soaked from shopping.  When we got back to our room, we didn’t want to go out again and search for dinner.  There is a cute little diner, right off the New Yorker lobby.  It was perfect! We didn’t get wet, we had a lovely dinner, our server was super nice (always a bonus) and we were tucked in watching HG TV by 9:00.

Next time you go into New York City for a shopping trip, let me know.  I always love seeing what everyone buys.

If you are in Central Massachusetts and you want to join me for a guided NYC Shopping Trip – our next one is September 14.  Click here for more information!

Sew What’s Fabulous,


Simplicity Pattern 8657 Misses’ Caftan with Options for Design Hacking

Wow- where have you been all my life? This is the most comfy pattern – okay, it’s really just pj’s, but…

I made two versions of this pattern and I am mostly happy with the results considering I didn’t make a test garment.

The first Caftan I made was out of a ITY knit from my stash.  It has a bright red poppy border.  I layed the pattern out so the border was on the bottom and just at the top of my sandals.  What I didn”t take into consideration was that the “V” in the front (and back) was 3″ below my bra – Yikes! So I shortened the shoulder seam 3″ – which, of course, threw off the hem line and it’s shorter than I had planned – but better than the peep show I was sporting 🙂 I also shortened the sleeve, because that was all the fabric I had – story of my life – never had quite enough fabric – 🙁

For a dress, I thought it was a little too loose – showed no shape at all. So I added a 2″ piece of elastic about 8″ long to the center front under the bust.  I stretched the elastic and stitched channels in the fabric and elastic to give the dress a little more definition. I’m pretty happy with the results, but since I shortened the shoulders, the slit on the side was too high and I needed to close that up about 3″ – go figure!

I used fold-over elastic to finish the neck edge.

All in all, this is a very comfortable caftan, too short and the slit to high to wear out, but I do like it and will probably make it again.

Oh ya! I did make it again.  This time I made a shorter version specifically as a beach cover up.

So, for the second Caftan, I angled the shoulder seam 3″ at the neck edge up to the edge of the sleeve. I folded down the tissue at the neck edge and tappered it out to the sleeve.  this shortened the “V” in the neck but not the sleeve opening.

I didn’t have as much fabric, so I cut it to the length of what I had. Since this was a beach cover up, I didn’t finished the edges of the sleeves and the hem. I just left them raw cut.

I serged on the salvage at the neck edge, to keep the neck from stretching out, then stitched it down. Hope you enjoy this pattern.  It’ s easy to make and fun to wear. Who doesn’t like secret pajamas!

Sunny’s Dress Review from Friday Pattern Company

The sewing movement #SewMyStyle2018 is off and running in January.  Sunny’s Dress from the Friday Pattern Company is the item for the month.  It was my first Friday Pattern Company pdf and overall I was happy with the results.

I had selected a striped jersey from my stash along with a stretch sparkly jersey rem from another project.  I couldn’t decide which way to place the stripes, so I looked to my By Hand London Croquis for help.  It worked really well and I decided on the vertical orientation.

I cut the pattern in a single layer to ensure the stripes were straight up and down.  I love the 3/8″ seam allowances, it’s my go to for sewing. I stitched the seams with a slight zigzag on the machine to allow a little fabric movement and then serged the edges.

I added an extra 1 1/2″ with the sparkly jersey as a hem band and 1″ band on the sleeves.  The neckline is finished with fold over elastic. And yes, the sparkle is reflected in my holiday nails 🙂

The top is a little tight through the midsection, but I had intended to cut the pattern 2″ bigger at the waist and I forgot – my fault.

I love the top, looking forward to Spring when I can wear it – and the extra Christmas inches have hopefully been erradicated!

Happy Sewing!