Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine

Brother has launched a new sewing machine just in time to create gorgeous summer fashions. Known for great features, this beginner friendly machine is amazing.

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Brother CS7000i

Look out, there’s a new kid in town, the Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine. Sewing Machines Plus carries them at a decent price. This is the next version of affordable beginner and intermediate sewing machines from Brother. A slight bump up from it’s little brother (CS6000i), it boasts 70 built in stitches; an increase of 10 new stitches and includes a 1/4″ piecing foot has been added to the feet included.

Brother CS6000i

This is a great machine for beginner and intermediate sewists. I have the Brother CS6000i which is still a great machine. You will save about $10 on this one, but I’ll guess the price difference will increase as times goes on.

Let’s Talk Buttonholes

Both machines offer 7 built in buttonholes, which is an amazing feature and why I bought the machine. With the older style machines, you need to manually move the dials to create a button hole. With the CS Series machines, you just pop the button in the buttonhole foot, change the settings once, and press go! It is worth the price of the machine to have perfect buttonholes.

Other Great Features

Automatic down needle position – need I say more? When you take your foot off the gas or stop the machine, the needle automatically sinks into the fabric. Genius, right! You never lose your stitching line and your sewing stays secure in your machine. One of my most favorite features.

Another great feature is the speed control. You have three different speed options. Perfect for timid beginners to get a feel for the machine and sewing techniques. The speed control is also great for when you are sewing tricky bits.

All Wrapped Up

If you want to get back into sewing, you are using your mom’s sewing machine, or your grandmother’s straight stitch (Yikes!) both of these machines will help you create garments that look like they came off the rack at Nordstroms. I hope you consider the Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine for your machine upgrade.

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33 thoughts on “Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine

  1. Me and sewing machines have never gotten along. I am in awe of those that can use them and produce something beautiful!

  2. I have never sewed with a machine as an adult. I learned a little as a kid but did not have anyone to take me further. I was always fascinated with it!

  3. Looking for a new machine – we have one that really isn’t the easiest to use but after making lots of homemade masks I think it’s time to upgrade!

  4. Oh how far technology has come since my grandmother’s sewing machine. These look pretty awesome in comparison!

  5. So much respect for sewers, I never figured out how to use a sewing machine, but this one sounds amazing. I wonder what brand my mother in law uses?

  6. Thank you for the review! I’m off to sew a few masks on my Janome but if in need of replacement good info!

  7. I learned to sew as a child. My mother is an excellent seemstress and I bet she’d really appreciate your review on this sewing machine – I’ll pass it along to her!

  8. Great suggestion for a machine! we’ve been looking at getting a new one, now i know where to start looking!

  9. One day I will learn how to sew with a machine! I can do little fixes by hand but its definitely a skill I would like to have.

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