Crown to Couture

Crown To Couture At Kensington Palace

A Photo Gallery Of The Crown To Couture Exhibition

Crown to Couture

[Crown To Couture Exhibition, Kensington Palace, London]

Works of art that are worn by celebrities grace the rooms of Kensington Palace. The Crown To Couture Exhibition was an explosion of color and a veritable feast for any fashionista. Placing historic court dress juxtaposed to contemporary red carpet fashion keeps the exhibition at Kensington Palace interesting and entertaining.

The exhibition demonstrates that couture fashion is timeless and timely. The exhibition takes visitors, not only through the palace rooms, but through a timeline of historic and red carpet creations.

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Historic Royal Fashion

Crown to Couture

[Royal Dress Collection, Kensington Palace, London]

The first thing that comes to mind was how do they walk through doorways. Were the dresses the reason for building double doors? The court debut of the pannier. An 18th century undergarment fashion trend that created the opportunity to wear the widest dress possible. Panniers or hooped petticoats had supports made of metal, cane, or whalebone. The width was up to an amazing seven feet — a fascinating construction accomplishment.

Red Carpet Moments

Audrey Hepburn

Crown to Couture

[Audrey Hepburn Dress, Kensington Palace, London]

Designed and styled by Edith Head, Audrey Hepburn donned this gorgeous white lace dress to accept her first Academy Award at the 26th Academy Awards in 1954. Hepburn won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Princess Anne in Roman Holiday.

Hepburn’s dress is still as fresh today as it was back then. Thousands of brides wear this style every year to walk down modern day red carpet wedding moments.

Anna Wintour

Crown to Couture

[Anna Wintour Dress, Kensington Palace, London]

A vibrant and stunning Anna Wintour wore this floral beauty to the 2021 Met Gala. Designed by Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia for Oscar de la Renta, Wintour is always at the cutting edge of fashion. Chief Content Officer at Conde Nast and Global Editorial Director at Vogue.

Dita Von Teese

Crown to Couture

[Dita Von Teese Corset, Kensington Palace, London]

Showstopping corset worn by Dita Von Teese during her 2016 “Strip, Strip Hooray” Tour. The revealing piece was designed by Mr. Pearl, a renown corsetier. He is known for creating wildly elaborate corsets and makes a perfect match for Von Teese’s burlesque vibe.

Giambattista Valli

Crown to Couture

[Giambattista Valli Gown, Kensington Palace, London]

This stunning gown looks like it will almost float away. Part of Giambattista Valli’s Spring 2020 Couture Collection, the voluminous tulle gown evokes a modern red carpet moment.

Jeremy Scott And Iris Law

Crown to Couture

[Jeremy Scott and Iris Law, Kensington Palace, London]

These two pieces are stunning together. Jeremy Scott, the creative director for Moschino designed and wore this ‘Gilded Age’ inspired suit. Richly embroidered with luxurious embellishments, Scott was a knockout at the 2022 Met Gala.

Iris Law wore this Jerermy Scott design where he hand dyed feathers in lace at the same Met Gala. The dress is a showstopping testament to his amazing talent.

Coleman Domingo

Crown to Couture

[Colman Domingo, Kensington Palace, London]

At the 2021 Academy Awards, Colman Domingo was awash in Donatella Versace (Atelier Versace) fuschia as he strutted down the red carpet. Embellished with 4500 Swarovski crystals, Domingo literally sparkled as the cameras flashed.

Blake Lively

Crown to Couture

[Blake Lively, Kensington Palace, London]

Crown to Couture

[Blake Lively view 2, Kensington Palace, London]

The 2022 Met Gala gown by Donatella Versace for Atelier Versace was stunning on the beautiful Blake Lively. Inspired by the Empire State Building, with an elaborate, hand-painted and embroidered train showcasing the Zodiac Signs on the ceiling of Grand Central Station, Lively made a red carpet appearance that will not soon be forgotten.

Katy Perry

Crown to Couture

[Katy Perry, Kensington Palace, London]

The iconic crystal chandelier dress worn by Katy Perry at the 2019 Met Gala was a moment for this modern celebrity. The Jeremy Scott (Moschino) creation is dripping in Swarovski crystals and even had lit up candles for a sublimely realistic effect.

Dan Levy

Crown to Couture

[Dan Levy Ensemble, Kensington Palace, London]

Crown to Couture

[Dan Levy Closeup, Kensington Palace, London]

Designed by Jonathan Anderson for Loewe, Dan Levy rocked this 2021 Met Gala look. Inspired by David Wojnarowicz, an American artist and Aids advocate, Levy and Anderson collaborated on this unique look. Designed to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, the shirt image depicts two men kissing.

Billy Porter

Crown to Couture

[Billy Porter Gown, Kensington Palace, London]

This was one of my favorite gowns in the collection. Worn by Billy Porter to the 2020 Academy Awards and designed by Giles Deacon. The gown depicts Porter as a ‘messenger from God.’

 [The Inspiration Room, Kensington Palace, London]

The dress was inspired by the beautiful room where it was displayed; replete with a hand foiled feather bodice inspired by the gold statues around the room.

Crown to Couture

[Bill Porter’s Boots, Kensington Palace, London]

The wildly dramatic Jimmy Choo boots were worn by Porter to the 2020 Oscars.


Crown to Couture

[Beyoncé Gown, Kensington Palace, London]

Who could forget this regal inspired Beyoncé gown at the 2017 Grammy Awards. Designed by Peter Dundas the dress is filled with goddess and maternal symbolism. Including Beyoncé proudly displaying her baby bump.

Jonathan Van Ness

Crown to Couture

[Jonathan Van Ness Dress, Kensington Palace, London]

Flaunting a gender bender little black dress line, Jonathan Van Ness was a showstopper at the 2019 Emmy’s. The Christian Siriano design harkened back to the style of old Hollywood glamor. Siriano drew his inspiration from the Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Hamish Bowles

Crown to Couture

[Hamish Bowles, Kensington Palace, London]

Who else but Hamish Bowles could pull off this over-the-top ensemble. Designed by John Galliano for Maison Margiela Artisanal, Bowles strutted his stuff at the 2019 Met Gala.

Diane Kruger

Crown to Couture

[Diane Kruger, Kensington Palace, London]

This frothy meringue gown inspired by the 18th century courts of Britain and France, Diane Kruger looked stunning in this elegant piece. The dress designed by Bill Gaytten for Christian Dior, Kruger was the epitome of style at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Simone Rocha

Crown to Couture

[Simone Rocha, Kensington Palace, London]

A glittering Spring 2021 Simone Rocha outfit from her Ready-to-Wear collection is a series of layered garments including a beaded outer bra-like construction with matching draw-string bag.

Hamish Bowles

Crown to Couture

[Hamish Bowles Suit, Kensington Palace, London]

The stunning jacquard woven suit worn by Hamish Bowls at the 2021 Fashion Awards is a nod to 18th silk brocade garments. Designed by Johnson Hartig for Libertine, the suit is the perfect combination of glitter and tradition.

Historic Royal Palaces Housing A Couture Exhibition

Crownt to Couture

[Crown To Couture, Kensington Palace, London] 

The Crown To Couture Exhibition at Kensington Palace was like floating through a fashionista dream. I was delighted to get to experience the palace’s spaces and the stunning red carpet contemporary looks displayed alongside ball gowns from the royal court of years gone by. I also went fabric shopping in London — check out my Fabric Haul!

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Crown to Couture

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  2. The Crown to Couture Exhibition at Kensington Palace looks amazing! Such fashion! My favorite has to be the Audrey Hepburn dress. I love the classic style.

  3. This is an excellent Crown to Couture Exhibit at Kensington Palace display. That Audrey Hepburn dress was a classic. Also, Katy Perry was a showstopper!

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