Jag’s Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review

Jag’s Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review

Jag’s Woven Yoga Pants by Silhouette Patterns is a relaxed, pull on super comfy pant.

What Makes This A Great Pattern

With eight pattern pieces (seven if you eliminate the back patch pockets) you can have a relaxed fit, business casual pant that is perfect for running errands, working from home, or hanging out with friends. You will still look polished while wearing “secret pajamas!”

The pattern is so easy to sew and with the casual look, there are very few fitting adjustments needed.

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My Wearable Muslin

The first pair I made, I used flannel. I figured they would make great lounging pajamas, I could get a feel for the pattern, and if they needed some fit adjustments I didn’t care.

As it turned out, they fit great, were a breeze to sew together, and only needed one fit adjustment – a baggy, under-the-butt leg. I was sold.

Fitting yourself can be time consuming, but it is what it is. I checked the baggy, under-the-butt adjustment in the mirror. It works best by taking a photo, then you don’t have to be such a contortionist. Using the photo, you can make adjustments, retry them on, and see what a great job (fingers crossed) you did.

Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review
Under-the-butt bagging

By pinning up the leg with the widest pinning on the inseam tapering to nothing at the side seam around the front and back, you can eliminate the under-the-butt issues. You end up with a much nicer drape on the pant and it is so much more flattering.

Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review
Left leg pinned up
Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review
Front pinned up

Fixing Your Tissue

Since this correction can’t be made in the wearable muslin if you want to actually wear them, and, of course, I want to wear them, they are super cute. You need to go back and make the adjustment on the tissue. This way when you make your next pair, they fit and drape better.

First you need to measure the widest part, at the inseam – that you pinned up. The pinning will come out of this pair, the process is just for fixing your tissue.

Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review
Measure your pinning

Then you need to transfer this adjustment to your tissue. Cut from the inseam to the side seam, but NOT through the side seam.

Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review
Cut the tissue to but not through the side seam

Next you will overlap the cut tissue to the same measurement of your pinned inseam. Tap this together to make the adjustment permanent (so you won’t forget when you make them again).

Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review
Same measurement as muslin pinning

Finally, blend the inseam to create a new cutting line.

Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review
New blended cutting line

Your under-the-butt pattern adjustment is now complete – time to make a better fitting pair.

Three Pairs Made And Counting

I love them so much I carry the pattern in my Etsy Shop – you can find them here.

I’ve made three pairs of Jag’s Woven Yoga Pants. I see many more in my future. Below are a cropped pair from a glen plaid, lightweight wool blend. I accidently cut a piece out of the leg when I was cutting the faux fly – oops – now they are cropped! I also have a pair made from rayon with a tank to match. The take is an old vogue pattern with a placket zipper – here’s my how-to video.

Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review
Jag’s Woven Yoga Pants

Trousers are everywhere on the runway for spring. These pants would be a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. Visit my post about Marc Jacob’s Spring 2020 Runway Show.

Here is what I know about fashion. Everyone’s taste is different. The opinions expressed here are mine alone. I’m just a girl who loves to sew.

I hope you give Jag’s Woven Yoga Pants a try. They make the BEST secret pajamas.

Happy Sewing,


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  1. These look like a great project. Actually pretty versatile depending on the fabric choice. They’d be great for traveling. Thanks for sharing.

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