Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along

It is all about the tunic tops for me. I love a comfy tunic paired with skinny jeans or leggings. I decided to give this tunic pattern a try and video taped while I sewed. My Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along is the first attempt at this top and I like the way it turned out.

You are going to love wearing this fabulous designer top. The pattern comes in two lengths; I decided to make the tunic. It is stunning. It looks great with skinny leg pants since it has the floaty swing back and high low front. The Teddy Top is perfect for summer, but will transition nicely through spring and fall when paired with a cute sweater or jacket.

To achieve the effortless silhouette, fabric suggestion is this yummy Stretch Woven Poly Crepe from Minerva. The timeless cabbage rose print is juxtaposed on the tone-on-tone cheetah print background for an updated look. Who doesn’t love a great floral/animal print in their closet. You can also read my review on Minerva.

The gorgeous collar sits high on the neck giving the wearer a sleek, sophisticated look. The Teddy Top design comes in two different lengths and has a stunning swing back that works perfectly with the high low hemline. I give this pattern an A+!

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You Tube Tutorial

You can follow along step by step in my sew along tutorial. The easy to follow video goes over the collar insertion, sleeve and hem band applications, and offers lots of great tips and tricks.

Style Arc Pattern Instructions

Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along

The Style Arc Patterns, Including the Teddy Designer Top tend to have very pared down instructions. It is not a pattern for newbie sewists, however, with my sew along, any level of sewist can be successful with this pattern.


I made this top out of this soft Stretch Woven Poly Crepe in Beige from Minerva. You can also find my review at Minerva, where you can shop for the material and pattern.


Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along

The gorgeous collar sits high offering a flattering neckline framing your face. With the applied collar sitting high on your neck, the stitched facings, and swing back combine for a high style, a luxe look.

Sleeve And Hem Bands

Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along

The sleeve bands finish off the grown-on sleeves beautifully. They add a soft extension to the shape of the sleeve. It is an easy seam technique to achieve a pretty finished line.

Finishing off the edge of your garment with a hem band is a great way to achieve a clean finish on a curvy, high low hem.

My Favorite Sewing Tools

You should always use the best tools you can afford for your sewing projects. Fabric, patterns, sewing machines, and even pins make a difference in your project’s outcome.

Below is a list of a few of my favorite things.


The Brother CS6000i sewing machine, the one I use in the video, is the best sewing machine on the market for a reasonable amount of money.

You can read all about why I love this machine and everything it can do HERE.

Rowenta Steamer

You can hear the Rowenta Steam Iron hissing in the background of my video. I’ve had this one for almost ten years and it’s time to get a new one. They are the best tool, after a great sewing machine, that you should have in your sewing arsenal. Giving your seams a professional steam will make your garments look professional.

Minerva Fabrics

Minerva offers so many gorgeous fabrics at great prices. They ship to the US for a very reasonable fee that makes them super competitive. And, I think their quality is better than the ubiquitous chain stores.

Independent Pattern Companies

Style Arc and other wonderful Indy Pattern Companies are changing the way we construct garments. As sewists, we deserve well drafted patterns that give our look an instant update. Our goal is to create garments that look high end, fit well, and are easy to wear. Indy Patterns offer us everything we want in patterns and offer wearable, contemporary style.

You can find a large selection of Independent Pattern Companies for sale at Minerva.

Miscellaneous Tools

The right tools for the job are the key to success. My two must haves – great scissors and the correct pins.


Great scissors are a must for any sewing project. These Kai Scissors are one of the best pairs on the market. You will have them for years to come.


Believe it or not, using the perfect pin for the job will make the project go together better and will be kinder on your fabric. This short Pin Primer will have your pins gliding along in no time.

That’s a Wrap

Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along

The Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along was fun to create for you. I hope you enjoy sewing this lovely top, it is flattering for every body type.

I love this top so much I have another one cut out and ready to go.

Happy Sewing!


18 thoughts on “Style Arc Teddy Designer Top Sew-Along

    1. Cecile,

      I recommend starting with something you love, that way you will motivated to finsih it. Buut if you have never sewn before, Myself (Barrett’s Custom Design) and others have lots of great Youtube videos. You can also check out PatternReview . com for real life pattern reviews.

  1. Your blouse turned out beautifully! Great job and you definitely know your way around the sewing area it shows. When I was younger I too was able to sew but it is true when you stop using a skill it fades away. Maybe someday I’ll pick it up back up again.

    Thank you for sharing your post on sewing ?

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