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Lost in the Journey

Shopping in New York City

Where are the best places to shop in New York City? Everyone has their favorites, for sure.  Below are a few of mine. The challenge is always how to get there; Plane, Train, or Automobile? I have used all three, it depends on how many of us are going and if we are staying overnight.…
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Wraps, wraps, wraps

Wraps are the perfect accessory for Fall.  They can go from casual to very dressy.  One of my favorite wrap tops is Silhouette Patterns Collette’s One-Piece Wrap http://www.silhouettepatterns.com/html/patterns/p_083.htm This wrap takes about 2 hours start to finish! This wrap is a stretch wool from Mood Fabrics I made it for my daughters rehearsal dinner, just a light…
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