Shopping in New York City

Where are the best places to shop in New York City? Everyone has their favorites, for sure. Below are a few of my favorite places for Shopping in New York City.

The challenge is always how to get there; Plane, Train, or Automobile? I have used all three, it depends on how many of us are going and if we are staying overnight.

But on to shopping! My favorite!!

The Garment District in New York City is layed out in a grid pattern, and is generally considered to be between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, from 34th to 42nd Streets. There is a great information on the neighborhood on Wiki.

Top Three Must Visits


Mood for sure. They have three floors of amazing fabric.  If you are lucky you might spot Swatch, their mascot terrier, he is usually tucked in somewhere out of the traffic.

B&J Fabrics

B&J Fabrics has the most beautifully curated fabrics.  They have a wide selection of shirting and suiting fabrics, and also a large collection of silks, dressmaker cottons, and more.  I recently purchased a silk chiffon, it was pricey but sooooo amazing (you can see it here in my recent NYC Fabric Haul Vlog). I picked it up when I was at the DG Expo New York, in July.

Elliott Berman

Elliot Berman Textiles is a glorious wonder of fine Italian and French fabrics, priced very reasonable.  I purchased some Italian knits at the DG Expo where they had a booth.  They are always a pleasure to work with. You can see my EBT Fabric Haul Video Here

To Stay or To Go

I prefer to stay overnight, my favorite places is the New Yorker.  It’s a block from Penn Station.  So if I fly or take the train, I can access Penn Station easily and, more importantly, frugally (more money for fabric).  The New Yorker is also on the edge of the shopping district and is the perfect home base. Last time I was there, it was pouring, we were soaked from shopping.  When we got back to our room, we didn’t want to go out again and search for dinner.  There is a cute little diner, right off the New Yorker lobby.  It was perfect! We didn’t get wet, we had a lovely dinner, our server was super nice (always a bonus) and we were tucked in watching HG TV by 9:00.

Let’s Go Shopping

Next time you go into New York City for a shopping trip, let me know.  I always love seeing what everyone buys. Join me when we go Shopping in New York City

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