Shoes in the City – Which Kate Spade Shoes to Wear??

Are sandals really appropriate for city walking, public transportation riding and general health issues?? It is always a delema Shoes in the City – Which Kate Spade Shoes to Wear??

Men get to wear Dockers or Sketchers and they are good. Sneakers, depending on the brand can be amazing or super dull.

Women on the other hand…..


Today I was in the city, I had to ride the commuter rail, take a cab, and walk several miles.  It was 80 degrees and muggy (a little rainy too).  What was I suppose to wear? I had a meeting at the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office, shopping at the Design Center and dinner with one of my daughters.

I considered sandals with a toe catch, but knew my feet would be sooo dirty. Plus, sandals are no fun in a downpour, and yes it did and I took a cab.


I opted for some older, but very cute Kate Spade New York Kicks – white and pink  with Chili Peppers. They are a little funky, a little cute, and a little practical. They don’t really go with everything, however, when I was walking and took a zig instead of a zag, I was happy I had the Kicks on.


I’m on the train home and now I would kill for the open, airyness (is that a word?) of my pair of cute pink Kate Spade Sandals. My feet are tired and sweaty, I know, Iknow, TMI. These are my favorite Sandals – I am a huge Kate Spade Fan!!

As we pull up to each stop, I notice shoes.  The lady next to me is all power suited up and sporting a pair of Nikes (I’m guessing she has office shoes in her oversized backpack squeezed between our seats). There were several women at the last stop that had really cute flip flops.  How long can you walk in those?

Of course, there is the occasional fashionista with stiletto heals. I’m thinking she will be paying for wearing them in 20 or 30 years, her feat will not be “happy” feet for sure.


I say, bring on winter when we can wear all kinds of boots and let our feet be happy AND still look fashionable! Oooh, maybe I should get some new Kate Spade Boots….. I am loving these!!!!!

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!

A great pair of shoes can make or break you entire outfit or day for that matter. I hope you enjoyed this fun and quirky post about Shoes in the City – Which Kate Spade Shoes to Wear?? I love a great pair of shoes!


PS If You are looking for garment ideas to go with your great shoes, check out my Makes and Plans update.

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