Vogue Pattern V9305 Review

Wow, do I love this pattern! I know you will love this Vogue Pattern V9305 Review.

When I saw it in the Vogue Pattern Magazine, I couldn’t wait for it to be released. Once I had the pattern, I had to search for a fabric that would work for the top.  I love the Elliot Berman Textiles burnout that I found, it is amazing. Light weight, comfy and gorgeous. Click here for Fabric Info

I have been looking for a pair of slim leg pants with a good fit for quite a while.  It is a cut that is  hard to find for a woven.  V9305 fits the bill for sure!

The first pair I made I used a fabric from my stash, a lightweight tencil.  The pants have a flat front with a waistband – very flattering.  For great fit (especially for someone that has a boxy figure) they have an elasic waistband in the back. Wow, do I love these pants (Oh ya, I said that already) 🙂

I made the first pair just as the pattern indicated.  Of course, I needed to make a few adjustments.  They legs were way too wide (not really a slim fit).  I took them in an inch beginning at the hip and crotch on each seam, that equals 4″ on each leg – lot of extra ease there. That gave me the leg I was looking for.

Then I had to go to pattern work to make the other two adjustments, which you can see here on my June Makes Vlog. I shorted the crotch lenght 1″ all the way around the pants (front and back) on the tissue.  I did this by folding the pattern down 1/2″ on the front and back tissue pieces.

The last adjustment I made was to take up the “saggy butt” fabric.  I cut the tissue from the inseam just below the crotch – to but not through the leg to the side seam.  Then I overlapped the inseam side by 1/2″ and taped it together.  This took out a tappered 1″ from the inseam and elimiated the sagging.  Make sure you do this on the front and back. You can see this adjustment in the video here.

The second pair I made from a Tropical Weight Wool from Mood Fabrics.  It has a little bit of stretch to give it some movement and prevent bagging.  I made these with the adjustments I made above and they fit wonderfully.

I am trying to make more outifts instead of “one offs”, so I paired them with a matching Ogden Cami.  This will look great with a fun jacket or sweater.  I also made a lace jacket to wear over them for the complete look. Learn more about this look here.

Some things that are great about these pants:

  • They work well for someone that does not have an hour-glass figure.  Although they would work for all figure types.
  • They are super flattering with the flat front and can be worn with or without a belt, tucked or untucked.
  • If you are on the weight loss train (funny, I’m actually stuck on a train right now – apparently going no where), they will carry over a size or two and still look great!

This pattern is easy to edit to achieve a great fit, I suggest you give them a try and the top is super cute too.

Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great!


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