Using A Twin Needle To Sew Knits

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This is so easy, and the results take your garment to high-end ready to wear. Once you start using a twin needle to sew knits, you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

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Twin Needles

Keep in mind, there are several types of twin needles. The spacing between the needles off of the shaft can be different. A wider spacing is good for heavier fabrics, while a narrow spacing is perfect for lighter stretch fabrics. Also, be sure to get a needle that fits your sewing machine.

Schmetz Twin needle from is under $10 and will make an enormous difference in the finish of your knit garments.

All of your knit clothes should have a twin needle finish.

How To Video

Check out this video to see how easy it is to use one

I hope you give using a twin needle to sew knits a try. It’s simple and the results are amazing.

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23 thoughts on “Using A Twin Needle To Sew Knits

  1. Finding your blog is absolutely timely, as I consider that I really need to learn to sew and do it well. What an interesting post!

  2. So much great information! Now I just have to dust off the ole sewing machine and try to figure out how to use it! LOL

  3. Fantastic instructions! I was a very “challenged” sewer in Home Economics class in Junior High, but thankfully I made up for it in the cooking section of the class. 🙂

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