Concord T Shirt Sew Along

Cashmerette Patterns Concord T Shirt is a dream to sew up. The pattern is drafted beautifully, the sizing is perfect for a curvy girl, and everyone needs more Tee Shirts in their life. Check out my Concord T Shirt Sew Along to learn step-by-step how to perfect this little gem.

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Choosing A Size

Concord T Shirt Sew Along

Knit garments are designed with negative ease, the actual garment size is smaller than your body measurements. How much smaller is up to you.

I chose the size recommended by body measurements and I love the fit. It isn’t too body conscious, it just skims my frame. However, if I were younger, I suspect I would go down a size to have it be a little more form fitting.

The two critical measurements besides your waist and hip are the high bust measurement and full bust measurement. These measurements will help determine what cup size to use. Having the correct cup size and avoiding a full bust adjustment is so fabulous. If you have ever done a full bust adjustment you will know why — it is a miserable pattern edit. Thank you Cashmerette for giving us a wide selection of cup sizes!

Pattern Options

Concord T Shirt Sew Along

The Cashmerette Concord T Shirt is THE MOST versatile T shirt pattern on the market. The variety of styles you can sew will fill your closet with tons of Concord T Shirts. With all these interchangeable pieces, you can have a closet full of Cashmerette Concord Tee Shirts.

First you can choose one of three lengths — cropped, mid length, and long

Second you can pick one of three necklines — high neck, V-neck, and scoop neck

Thirdly you can choose one of five different sleeve styles — short cuffect sleeve, mid-length cuffed sleeve, long cuffed sleeve, short hemmed sleeve with sleeve tab, mid-length sleeve with sleeve tab.

Simply using these variables you can sew 45 different versions of the Cashmerette Concord T Shirt. WOW! Simply influenced by things like style variations, you can create every T Shirt you ever wanted.

Imagine your closet full of beautifully crafted and perfectly fitting T Shirts with a variety of patterns and colors for every season. Mind blowing.

The Sew Along Video


Continue to YouTube to watch the Cashmerette Concord T Shirt Sew Along video.

The Neckline

Concord T Shirt Sew Along

It’s nice and snug, no gapping here — I love the twin needle detail.

The Cuffs

Concord T Shirt Sew Along

One of the neatest and cleanest ways to hem a sleeve.

Tools You’ll Need

You can find the Concord T Shirt — it comes in two size range options — on my Etsy page – Sewing With Sandi.

You will also find the yummy black fabric used in this video put together in a Cashmerette Concord T Shirt Kit (see below).

Twin needles are an essential tool when sewing knits. You can find them at Minerva or Joann’s.

A Stretch machine needle is another great tool – it sews through knit fabrics like a dream. Find it on Minerva or Joann’s.

Also a pressing ham is a great tool for pressing curved seams. You can find them at Minerva or Joann’s.

Concord T Shirt Kits

Concord T Shirt Sew Along

I have put together Cashmerette Patterns Concord T Shirt into a kit. You can purchase the same fabric I used in the video. The soft black stretch knit has a nice texture to make it interesting, yet it won’t clash if you want to wear it with a print.

The Cashmerette Concord T Shirt Kit is available from Sewing With Sandi. It includes:

  • A Cashmerette Concord T Shirt in one of two pattern size options.
  • Two spools of black Guetermann’s Thread
  • Enough fabric to make the long sleeve, long length shirt.

Videos You Watch Recommended In The Sew Along

Below I’ve listed a few how to posts and videos to watch and the things I’ve mentioned in this Sew Along

The Jacket I am wearing in the video is Vogue 9341Julio Cesar’s Jacket.

Sewing with a twin needle — how to post.

Consider subscribing to my YouTube page @barrettscustomdesign for tailored Sew Along Videos where you can amp up your sewing skill and produce stunning, high-end garments.

My Outfit

Concord T Shirt Sew Along

Along with my new Cashmerette Concord T Shirt I have some new pieces from Stitch Fix.

I love the cute black VANS with the floral print – I’m always ready for a pop of colorful flowers.

Concord T Shirt Sew Along

The Sherri Slim Straight Leg Jean has just enough stretch to make them comfy. AND I love the rolled up leg with the VANS.

Concord T Shirt Sew Along

Cashmerette Concord T Shirt

This is the only T Shirt you will ever need. Imagine how you can develop and improve new and exciting wardrobe staples to your closet with only one pattern. You will quickly become a fan of the Concord T Shirt from Cashmerette Patterns. Watch my Concord T Shirt Sew Along and stuff your closet full of cute and wearable T Shirts.

Happy Sewing,


6 thoughts on “Concord T Shirt Sew Along

  1. This Concord t-shirt definitely seems like a super versatile t-shirt pattern…and for someone who lives in t-shirts like me, I am sure I would love to try my hand at making a couple of different versions! I also really love those Vans! 🙂

  2. I love the versatility of the Concord t-shirt in your latest see along. It’s a great foundational piece for the wardrobe.

  3. There are so many different style options for the Concord T-Shirt, it’s hard to pick just one! I love the style you went with though, especially the sleeves. I also like the color choice – black just goes with everything! 🙂 And the T-shirt is a such classic piece that you can’t go wrong with it.

  4. The concord t shirt looks amazing! And it’s so versatile. I’d end up making a batch of these in different colors.

  5. The Concord t-shirt looks phenomenal! Such an incredibly versatile option that can be made with numerous colors!

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