Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners

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Learning to sew can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be scary! Once you have a few simple techniques under your needle, you will feel confident and competent to tackle more complex sewing projects. Start with a few easy sewing projects for beginners and you will gain confidence in your ability to tackle more advanced sewing patterns.

I have been teaching beginning sewing projects for over 20 years, and have some tried and true easy sewing projects that will introduce you to techniques you need to practice in order to make your project shine.

Your friends will be saying, “I can’t believe you made that!”

Sewing Dreams

Sewists come in all shapes and sizes with different goals and sewing dreams. Whether you are a budding fashion designer, want to sew simple quilts, or desire to make your own wardrobe, every beginning sewist needs to start with the basics. With a few simple, easy to make sewing projects, you will be off and running.

But please don’t run with scissors!

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Beginner Sewing Projects

It is best to begin with inexpensive fabric and a great DIY sewing pattern that will offer value at a good price. Keep in mind, free isn’t always free – you get what you pay for. There are however, several great free patterns out there that will help amp up your sewing prowess. So let’s get started on some easy sewing projects for beginners.

Perfect Sewing Projects For Beginners

The type of sewing projects available for beginners who have mastered the basics like winding a bobbin, threading their machine, and sewing straight lines are endless. Below is a list of a few great beginner sewing projects to get your sewing mojo off and running.

Look for sewing patterns that are marked easy to sew and be sure to read the back of the pattern envelope for detailed instructions on what you need to complete your projects. If you find free sewing patterns, choose from seasoned sewist to keep your projects fun beginner sewing friendly.

Check out my 3 Mistakes Sewists Make When Choosing a Pattern to avoid multiple trips to the store for forgotten items!

Here Are Some Easy And Great Projects That Are Simple And Fun To Make

This list of beginner sewing projects is not all inclusive, but can give you an idea of where to start on your journey. I tried to highlight hand made goodies that would be useful, creative, and easy beginner sewing projects for you to try out.

Pajama Pants

Pajama Pants offer a wonderful opportunity to expand your sewing skills. The can be made from cute flannel fabric and are a great option to sew for your first garment. There are lots of easy pajama patterns on the market, you will be able to find one that is simple and suits your style. Pajama pants give you the opportunity to learn about relaxed fitting and are perfect for first time garment sewing. They teach beginners about curved sewing, elastic insertion, and hemming.

Minky Blanket

Make Your Own Minky Blanket

A Minky Blanket is a simple and easy gift idea for baby showers and children’s birthdays. You don’t need a pattern to make one and my tutorial has a step-by-step instruction process that will make your first baby blanket a cute and welcome gift. Beginners will learn about top stitching and corner miters in this free sewing tutorial.

Who doesn’t love a soft and fluffy, home made baby blanket! Isn’t it on the top of your list?

Minky Infinity Scarf

Beginner Sewing Projects

The trendy Minky Infinity Scarf is another super simple pattern that is quick and easy for first time sewists. They make great gifts and take no time to stitch up. Check out my free video on the Minky scarf and wrap all your friends in fuzzy warmth. In this tutorial you will learn to sew a simple infinity scarf, how to invert sewn tubes, and a little bit of hand sewing.

Table Runners

Table Runners are the perfect beginner home decorating item for the person who wants to sew quilts. With straight sewing lines and simple designs, you can make a fun accessory to use for each season. You will love playing with fabric scraps and patterns to design the perfect beginner project to use in your home. They don’t require a lot of fabric and you will find a multitude of table runner ideas on Pinterest suitable for beginners.


Scrunchies are back, and I dare say are here to stay like it or not. Every little girl (and mom) will love these super simple little accessories that you can sew in all the colors and patterns that you love. They are quick and fun to sew. Your friends will love to get one from you and beg you to make them more. You will find they are a great way to hone your skills. The list of skills achieved from making scrunches is small, but they are fun and easy sewing projects to make.

Lined Tote Bags

Beginner Sewing Projects

Tote bags are an excellent way to get you off and stitching by practicing straight lines and following simple sewing instructions. My lined tote bag pattern will teach you a lot of beginner sewing techniques. The pattern is adaptable to many different sized bags, making it versatile and a great gift option. You can use fun cotton prints that reflect the recipients joys and passions. It is designed to be a beginner sewing project, but is adaptable to more advanced designs and skills. Hand sewn bags make heart felt, personalized gift bags.

Tote Bags are a practical and ecological sewing project along with being a fun way to express your style. You can make your bag with lots of bright fabrics and a very a personal feel. A Bag takes no time to sew, from your first through the many more that follow, you will come up with more and more ideas on how to personalize these cute accessories.

You can find my digital sewing pattern, Basic Tote Bag Pattern in my Etsy shop – Sewing With Sandi.

T-Shirt Pillows

How To Make An Easy T-Shirt Pillow

Pillows may seem simple, but can require some advanced skill to achieve a fine designer look.

My free T-Shirt Up Cycle Pillow Project is perfect for a beginner sewing project. Use old, well loved, logo t-shirts to make pillow covers that are fun for kids rooms, dorm room, play rooms, and anywhere around your home. By sewing t-shirts you can practice sewing with knits and get a feel how they behave with your sewing machine. I like this project for young children who are leaning to sew. They have an opportunity to try out a sewing project and use a well loved t-shirt without the expense of purchasing fabric. We all have tons of t-shirts around.

Beginner Sewing Machine Projects

Beginning sewists need a good machine. There is nothing more frustrating than to try learn to sew on a hand-me-down machine that hasn’t been serviced in years and doesn’t offer good performance. Using a free machine from your grandmother may seem like a good idea, but once you get it home, you will find it can be a more than a little frustrating for beginner sewing projects. It is the easiest way to relegate your fun projects and great ideas into the closet.

Brother CS6000i

I recommend the Brother CS6000i sewing machine to all my beginner students. It’s a good value, perfect for beginners, and will grow with you as your home sewing skills advance. You can read my review at The Best Beginner Sewing Machine it is a great place to start your research. I have one in my studio and I use it every day. If you are in the market for a new sewing machine, this should make the top of your list.

Join Us On Your Sewing Journey

We are here to help you learn and grow on your journey with lots of sewing ideas, how to videos, sew alongs, little tips and tricks, free patterns, and so much more. We are sewists who love to share or makes, designs, sewing skills, and technical knowledge with new and seasoned sewists.

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The Last Word

Sew! I hope you enjoyed my rantings about easy sewing projects for beginners. There are lots of great ideas here to add to your sewing list. Whether you are sewing projects for yourself, your home, a baby gift, or just for fun, I hope you give a beginner sewing project a try. I look forward to seeing your makes.

Happy Sewing,


PS Check out my List of Patterns Perfect for Beginners for easy to sew patterns.

22 thoughts on “Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners

  1. Some of my beginner projects were doilies and table runners. Unfortunately, that’s where it ended! LOL. I haven’t tried anything more difficult since high school class projects.

  2. The more I read your posts, the more I am inclined to add sewing to my list of things to do on the homestead. I really want to do the t-shirt pillows. My husband has soooo many old t-shirts that are no longer wearable that he just can not part with. I can see having a stack of them to change out every now and then. What a fun way to change up the decor!

  3. I come from a family of sewists. However, I had not the talent or patience to try. However, after reading your blog I find it something to think about. I would love to make a warm blanket or my own tote bags. Something to think about. I am sure this would give my mom a chuckle if I started sewing. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aw, these sewing projects look great for beginners. Especially a T-shirt pillow. I think I could manage that!

  5. This is my post!!! One for beginners. 🙂 I made scrunchies in home economics in highschool. I don’t know if I could still do it. Good thing is scrunchies have made a comeback!

  6. PJ pants are the tried and true sewing project at my kids’ junior high. I had two kids take the class and their pants came out beautifully. One of them made scrunchies out of her leftover fabric, too.

  7. These are perfect beginner projects! Your posts make me want to sew again. I really need to buy another sewing machine. It used to be something I enjoyed.

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