Fabulous Cruise Wear You Can Sew

I just returned from an amazing cruise and the cruise wear fashion made me want to sew. I put together a few of my top streetwear choices, paired them with patterns, and found fabrics that work to showcase fabulous cruise wear you can sew at home. These styles are modern yet timeless, perfect additions to your warm weather wardrobe.

Live like you are on vacation!

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Long V-Neck Floral DressFabulous Cruise Wear You Can Sew

Streetwear Long V-Neck Floral Dress

fabulous cruise wear you can sew

Charming and delicate, I saw this type of sleeveless long dress everywhere on the Riviera. The muted floral print says “I have style” and when paired with the ubiquitous straw hat and leather sachel backpack, O la la. Footwear is a cute pair of sandals or neutral walkers. Perfect casual cruise wear and many women can pull off this style easily.

Pattern Long V-Neck Floral Dress

Cruise Wear –New Look 6210 is a great option for this outfit. Version C has everything this streetwear look has. All you need to do to achieve the two-toned look is slice the pattern under the bust line — be sure to add seam allowances to both sides — and sew the pieces back together.

Fabric Suggestion Long V-Neck Floral Dress

Cruise Wear – Ripple Crepe Fabric

This Pretty Ripple Crepe Fabric will be adorable made up in the long or short version — there were plenty of those on the street too. It’s a stretch woven so it will have nice movement. You can also make it fit well without a zip.

Flowing Lace GownFabulous Cruise Wear You Can Sew

Streetwear Flowing Lace Gown

fabulous cruise wear you can sew

Gorgeous! This dress was flowy, elegant, and expensive. I think she is going to a totally different party than he is! I spotted her from my balcony and I watched her dress all the way down the street. She was out for a day trip, but this dress would be amazing as evening wear too.

Pattern Flowing Lace Gown

McCalls Sewing Pattern 7969

Cruise Wear – McCalls Sewing Pattern 7969

Version D with the large ruffle on the bottom and the flowy sleeves from version A will give you the same lighter-than-air look.

Fabric Suggestion Flowing Lace Gown

Catania Lace Fabric Ivory

Cruise Wear – Catania Lace Fabric Ivory

The tiered lace fabric is expensive and you will probably need to shop in a high-end New York shop to duplicate the streetwear. But, you can sew the essence of this piece and I love the Catania (a city in Sicily) Lace Fabric. It would be stunning in this full-length flirty dress.

Streetwear Knit Sheath DressFabulous Cruise Wear You Can Sew

fabulous cruise wear you can sew

This streetwear looks takes a timeless knit sheath dress in a nautical stripe and adds a modern twist. I love the placement of the vertical stripe below the horizontal one. Very chic and updated.

Pattern Knit Sheath Dress

Cruise Wear – New Look Sewing Pattern 6095

This little gem of a pattern is super simple but has some great fitting darts. There are bust darts in the front and fish eye darts in the back — eliminating the extra fabric and giving you a smooth drape. Version D has a bottom panel so you can even create the vertical stripe around the bottom of the streetwear look.

Fabric Suggestion Knit Sheath Dress

Minerva Core Range Cotton Jersey Stretch Knit Fabric

Cruise Wear – Minerva Core Range Cotton Jersey Stretch Knit Fabric

This one was easy. A classic Navy and white stripe cotton jersey will never go out of style. I had a little navy and white top I wore on the trip with a navy skort — it was one of my favorite cruise outfits.

Streetwear Handkerchief Hem DressFabulous Cruise Wear You Can Sew

fabulous cruise wear you can sew

I love the flowiness and bright colors of this handkerchief hem dress. I would say she was headed to the beach or in search of a great suntan.

Pattern Handkerchief Hem Dress

Cruise Wear – McCalls Sewing Pattern 7402

This McCalls pattern version does have a shoulder seam. I think it elevates the dress above a halter top. It appears the streetwear look has an elastic band and a green halter strap (under her lanyard) holding the dress up. That would be an easy conversion if you prefer to show all that shoulder.

Fabric Suggestion Handkerchief Hem Dress

St Tropez Rayon Challis Fabric

Cruise Wear – St Tropez Rayon Challis Fabric

Vibrant and colorful, this floral rayon even has a nod to the French Riviera – St. Tropez. It is the perfect compliment to the handkerchief hem pattern.

Pro Tip: Rayon is not a good fabric for beginners – it drapes beautifully, but is slippery to sew. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Streetwear Updated Shirt DressFabulous Cruise Wear You Can Sew

fabulous cruise wear you can sew

The classic shirt dress has been updated and is on the runways everywhere. It looks crisp, cool, and chic. Once you find a shirtdress pattern you love, you can make it over and over by simply changing it up.

Pattern Updated Shirt Dress

McCalls Sewing Pattern 7950

Cruise Wear – McCalls Sewing Pattern 7950

I like this pattern because it is fitted and very retro — which, of course, makes it modern. The fitted top and flared skirt just scream look at me – I’m hip and cool. Seriously, it is a beautiful dress.

Fabric Suggestion Updated Shirt Dress

Storrs London Egyptian Cotton Lawn Fabric

Cruise Wear – Storrs London Egyptian Cotton Lawn Fabric

Cotton Lawn is cool, crisp, and easy to sew. The green, yellow, and black overall print is splashy but subdued at the same time. You will be cool and fashionable after sewing this charming little number.

To Wear Or Not Wear Heels

Comfortable shoes are key. Each of us has our own idea of comfort and there is so much freedom in fashion, that there is no reason to be out of style.

During the day — sandals, lightweight loafers, and comfy sneakers are perfect for racking up the steps.

Evening wear, particularly any formal night, requires a little bling – with or without a heel.

What I Wore The Most On My Riviera Cruise

I love dresses and wear them almost as much as I wear leggings. I find them comfortable and flattering. As an added bonus they are easy to pack — no mix or match needed.

I just returned from a 17 day Riviera cruise and I packed 19 dresses — I wore almost every one of them. Of course, some were day wear and some were for evening wear — most everyone dressed for dinner on the Oceania Cruise.

Day Wear

fabulous cruise wear you can sew

Knit dresses and lightweight wovens are the things for summer on the Riviera. They are also perfect for running errands around town – add a little glamor to your life with a chic dress and some earrings. It only takes a minute.

Evening Dress

I love a sheath dress. It is flattering on everyone. This faux leather little black dress is one from my Vogue 9050 Sheath Dress Sew-Along. You should give it a try.

Cruise Outfits from Day Time To Formal Wear

Whether you are planning your next cruise outfit or simply planning a fashionable outfit, wearing beautiful things is the best way to look and feel great. Grab some cute patterns, gorgeous fabrics, and sew up a few new dresses. I hope you love wearing my choices for fabulous cruise wear you can sew at home.

Have fun — Live like you are on vacation. 

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  1. I actually really like the 6095. It is so awesome there are so many great patterns for perfect cruise attire!

  2. These fabulous cruise wear options that can be sewed look amazing. There are several that will go on Lisa’s list. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is a great guide to fabulous cruise wear you can sew. Love how you get your inspirations from watching the streetwear.

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