Sewing Cute Summer Shorts

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Simplicity Sewing Pattern Review Cute Shorts For Summer

Summer is all about easy, casual wear. We want to be stylish, yet comfortable. We want things that pack easily for our vacation getaways, yet still make us look fresh and put together. How do we achieve these criteria? One way is by sewing cute summer shorts; a few new pairs of shorts and your summer wardrobe will be runway ready!

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Simplicity Shorts Pattern Review

Of course, you can take your favorite pair of pants and transform them into a great pair of shorts. They already fit perfectly, so you will be saving time. Just remember to cut a little flair at the hem line (the length of the hem) to make the hem turn fit appropriately.

Summer Short Patterns

Let’s look at a few great Simplicity summer shorts patterns.

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1370

sewing cute summer shorts

This may be the only pattern you need — Simplicity 1370 — how cute are these shorts. I just discovered this pattern and I am ordering it today. Skirts, Skorts, Shorts, Oh My! I do think they missed the mark by not adding a skort style with the flat front skirt — sounds like an upcoming pattern hack. Just added it to my bag!

Let’s find some fabric for this cutie! It calls for a stretch woven, such an oxymoron. I like Ponte Roma for this type of project. You don’t want anything too stretchy or the waist will be all stretched out and falling down at the end of the day. Bad look!

I like this Ponte Roma Double Knit, it’s medium to heavy weight so it should be great as a bottom weight. It comes in 17 different colors, I like the Dark Army Green and the Sand,

sewing cute summer shorts

Another classic option is this Lady McElroy Stretch Woven Linen Cotton; it comes in this yummy oatmeal colorway.

sewing cute summer shorts

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 8932

Hubba Hubba, this Simplicity 8932, Vintage 1940s sarong style wrap skort is so cute. The pattern also comes with an unconstructed jacket and a halter top.

sewing cute summer shorts

For this vintage look, you want woven — knits weren’t available in the 1940s! If you want to go really retro try this Robert Kaufman Limerick 100% Linen Fabric. It comes in four colors, personally I like the Wisteria check.

sewing cute summer shorts

Another cute alternative — something more up-to-date, is this tropical Robert Kaufman Rayon Challis Fabric. It’s a softer, dressier alternative.

sewing cute summer shorts

Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1887

Ease of wear is an important consideration for me — I’ll bet it is for you too. My favorite type of shorts and pants have an elastic back and a flat waistband front. Simplicity 1887 fits that bill, plus it has four length options (and two skirts), once you fit it, you will have an entire wardrobe of great shorts and pants.

sewing cute summer shorts

Now, it does make me a little suspicious that the pattern lists fabric as woven and knit because fitting a knit piece is very different from fitting a woven piece. But I love the look of the pattern, I would be worth trying one or the other out and see if it’s worth refitting them for another fashion fabric type.

With the elastic back, there should be enough room to craft these with a pretty woven fabric and still have moveability. I am in love with this sweet Embroidered Denim for a pair of casual and fun summer shorts.

sewing cute summer shorts

Sewing Shorts – Pattern Pieces

Sewing shorts require the same fitting techniques you need for fitting pants. If you are an advanced beginner, I would start with Simplicity 1370 (shown above). If you select the simple shorts, get them fitted well, you can then follow on with some of the other more complicated options.

Sewing Instructions For Sewing Shorts

The sewing instructions for sewing shorts should be straight forward. When you add in a sarong or skort, you might run into more complicated sewing instructions. Just take it slowly and you will be fine.

Make sure you are using the correct seam allowance. Check the length of the shorts, measure the waist, the hips, and you will be well on your way.

If you don’t know where to start, check out my 10 Tips For Garment Sewing Success.

That’s A Wrap

Thank you for joining me exploring sewing cute summer shorts. Shorts are a quick make, they up your wardrobe game, and they are great practice for sewing a pair of pants.

Happy Sewing,


PS: Are you more of a dress person? The French Riviera Style may be just your thing!


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  1. Cute patterns for summer! I learned to sew on a machine when I was 13…during the summer. I made so many pairs of simple shorts and halter tops to match! Brings back good memories.

  2. Sewing your own cute summer shorts is a great way to get creative. Especially with the different styles and fabric options.

  3. I enjoy finding the different cloth patterns for sewing cute summer shorts. A new cute set of shorts to wear to family picnics is what I look forward to.

  4. Thank you for putting together such a great list of shorts sewing patterns! I love the fabric choices you picked out as well! I might have to make a couple of these for myself.

  5. The summer shorts pattern is cute! We will be sharing this with Lisa’s daughter as she loves to sew.

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