How To Make A Ponytail Hair Ribbon Streamer

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There are lots of methods for how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer. Today we are going to explore a method that stitched right through the ponytail holder. I prefer constructing them this way because my little hair ribbon wearer is super active and this method keeps the ribbon in place and attached to the ponytail holder.

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YouTube How To Video


how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer

For the inexpensive supplies required for this project, Joanne’s is the perfect place to pick up everything you need.

Lots of great ribbon options to make your bow holder a perfect match to the decor.

Hot Glue Gun and Glue is a required tool for bow making

Thread use a good quality thread always

Needle sewing with a hand needle gives you a good sturdy finish

Scissors the most used tool in a sewists tool kit

Ponytail bands the ponytail elastic to hold back your hair

Lighter to keep the ribbon ends from fraying

Nail Polish to finish off the ends that melt with the lighter

Ponytail Ribbon Streamers

The first step is to select your ribbons. You want ribbons that have some softness and movement. You can go as wide as you like, but traditionally they are a mix of sizes ranging from 1/8″ to 1″ which offers a mix of streamers.

Alternatively, you can select all of one size for a more uniform look.

Personally, I like a mix of pattern, color, and ribbon width. I find this gives you a more interesting Ponytail holder.

Ribbon Cutting

how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer

A good range of ribbon length is between 10 – 15 inches. The ribbon will be folded in half, so a 10 inch ribbon length will yield a scant 5 inch streamer.

Using Hot Glue

All I can say about hot glue is be careful. It can burn, it can easily make a mess of your project, and a little goes a long way.

Finishing Ribbon Ends

Torching the ends with a lighter helps to prevent fraying. If your fabric doesn’t take the lighter well, like rick-rack, I use a dab of nail polish.

Fun Ponytail Bows And Streamers

Below is a list of ideas for themes for your hair bows and streamers. They are particularly popular for cheerleaders, but they are super cute to wear at other events too. You can find ribbons of all different types of themes at patterns at Joanne’s.

  • Sports themes like softball, soccer, football, etc.
  • Special occasion celebrations like Christmas, birthdays, Valentines, etc.
  • School spirit days and showing off your school colors
  • Fun, everyday wear with favorite colors, patterns, etc.

That’s A Wrap

how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer

Corralling your child’s hair can be a challenge even on a great day. Having a fun hair accessory may be just the motivation your little girl needs to get through the process.

I hope you have enjoyed my how to make a ponytail hair ribbon streamer video. I love making these cute little accessories and my ponytail streamers wearer loves them too.

Happy Sewing


PS Now that you have all these adorable little girls bows and streamers, chech out How To Make A Hair Bow Ribbon Hanger. You can keep the ponytail streamers on the hanger with an alligator clip.

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  1. Making a ponytail hair ribbon streamer looks like so much fun! These would be great to wear to cheer on your favorite sports team!

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