How To Make A Hair Bow Ribbon Hanger

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How many hair bows are floating around your favorite girls room, or even around your house. These cute little bows seem to multipy and find there way into every nook and cranny. Even worse, your favorite bows are crushed in a drawer where you can’t see what you have. In my video How To Make A Hair Bow Ribbon Hanger, you can keep those elusive hair bows clipped out of the way while adding a decorative element to the bedroom.

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YouTube Instruction Video

You too can make this simple project. By following the simple instructions in my Youtube video will get you started on organizing all those adorable hair bows.

Hair Bow Holder

I added a bow to cover the wire frame I used for hanging the bow holder; but you could use a picture hanger attached to the frame and a picture hook on the wall.

Don’t forget to add those cute little Mickey Mouse ears. They are a perfect reminder of your visit to Disney and it is a shame to have them stuck away in a bureau.

Perfect for hanging bows with alligator clips, this simple and easy project will have you looking for more bows to expand your collection.


For inexpensive the inexpensive supplies required for this project, and Joanne’s is the perfect place to pick up everythign you need.

  • Super cute tulle options so you can set the bows off from the background.
  • Lots of great ribbon options to make your bow holder a perfect match to the decor.
  • You can even find a lighter to stop your ribbon from fraying.

That’s a Wrap

I hope you enjoy my video on How To Make A Hair Bow Ribbon Holder. I’m certain the young girl in your life will love this cute hair bow holder. It is a quick and easy project, that is fun to make.

Happy Sewing


PS For more beginner sewing projects, check our our Beginner Sewing Projects primer.

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  1. A hair bow ribbon hanger looks so easy to make. Lisa’s daughter would love making one for her daughter. Thank you for sharing.

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