How To Make A Wine Bottle Gift Bag

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You bought a beautiful bottle of wine as a gift, now you need a wine bag. You could purchase a paper wine bag, but they are so unimaginative. Make a personal wine bag and express your crafty side with this simple project. Plus, you can use fabric pieces that reflect your gift recipient’s personal talents and hobbies. Learning how to make a wine bottle gift bag is super simple and a fun way to show a friend how much you care.

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Step By Step Sew Along: How To Make Wine Bags

This quick and easy step by step sew along on how to make wine bags will have you sewing homemade gifts for all your friends and family.

Wine Bottle Bag Pattern Dimensions

How To Make A Wine Bottle Gift Bag
Snowflake Wine Bottle Gift Bag

To get ready to sew a wine bottle gift bag, you need to measure and cut a piece of fabric 22 inches long and 12 inches wide. You will also need a 22 inch piece of ribbon. I use quilting cotton for the bag, there are so many cute prints and most quilting cotton is budget friendly. You can get 6 wine bags from one yard of fabric with an all over design. If there is a one way pattern like the deer wine bag, you will need to cut them more creatively.

If you have a wide arm on your sewing machine, then you may need to make the wine bag width 12.5 or 13 inches. You need the bag to spin around the arm easily.

Press A Hem On The Top

I like to start by pressing down a 4 inch hem on the top edge. This is a marker to make the top edge sewing the DIY wine bag easier.

Add Ribbon

I like 3/8 inch satin ribbon, but other types like grosgrain and burlap are fun too. Fold your ribbon in half right sides together. Pin it just below where the folded edge, on the right side of the fabric side seam allowance edge.

Sew The Side Seam And Bottom Seam

Pin the right side of the bag raw edges together and across the bottom of the bag. Sew down the side seam encapsulating the ribbon. Then sew across the bottom seam of the wine bag.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have an arm on your sewing machine, then sew the side seam with the top edge folded in place.

Pinch And Sew The Feet

Flatten out the bottom of the bag and fold into a triangle. Stitch across the triangle creating “feet” so the bottom of the bag will sit flat. Check out the sew along tutorial for a visual on how to sew the two pieces together to create the bag bottom feet.

Fold And Sew Top Edge

Fold along the first pressed seam (the 4 inch top edge fold) and slide the bag piece onto the sewing machine arm. Stitch around the bag.

Easy Wine Bag Sewing Pattern and Supplies

How To Make A Wine Bottle Gift Bag
Pre-cut wine bottle bag kit

If you don’t want to make your own wine bottle gift bag, you can find lots of constructed wine gift bags in my Etsy Shop.

Also, if you want to sew your own wine bottle gift bag, but don’t have time to get to the store, I have pre-cut wine bag pattern pieces and coordinating ribbon all cut to size — ready to show off your DIY gift bags sewing skills.

Wine Gift Bags — Perfect DIY Craft Project

How To Make A Wine Bottle Gift Bag
Reindeer Wine Bag

Add your favorite wine to your finished bag, tie the ribbon, and you are ready to attend a wonderful party with a custom made wine bag. Perfect beginner sewing project. It will help newbie sewists conquer sewing machine details like a straight stitch and sew straight lines with the help of fun fabrics. Let’s get sewing a wine bottle gift bag — a thoughtful DIY gift.

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How To Make A Wine Bottle Gift Bag

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  1. This is definitely a project I can do! I love how these look. You’re right, these are much better than paper bags for wine bottle gifts. These would also last longer if you wanted to reuse them. What a great idea as the holidays approach!

  2. I like the idea of making the wine bottle gift bag with fabric. And, that you could personalize the gift for any occasion and the person. Thank you for sharing this sewing idea.

  3. Love this gift wrap idea and that you offer them as a kit! But looks like an easy way to sew a wine bottle gift bag.

  4. This project is so simple and thoughtful! The steps to sewing a wine bottle gift bag are easy and very informative.

  5. This is such a cute and simple idea to spice up Christmas this year! I have some holiday fabric left over from a few years ago, so I’ll have to give this a go!

  6. I love this idea! It’s perfect for the gifts I give my girlfriends. I also love that it’s sustainable! Thanks for the tutorial video as well 🙂

  7. I’m always on the lookout for cute wine gift bags for Christmas time. Your tutorial on how to make a wine bottle gift bag looks easy enough so that even I can make one! Love this idea.

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