How To Sew Straps Without Turning Them

Nothing sends me running from a pattern quicker than turned straps. It takes so much time to turn thin shoulder straps, hand bag straps, and belts – Ugh! Today we are going to look at how to sew straps without turning them.

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Sizes Doesn’t Matter

You can make straps of all sizes with this method. And all you need to do is a little math.

  • Determine how wide you want your finished strap to be
  • Multiply that width by 3 and add .5″
  • Cut the strap the desired length and the width calculated in the step above.

For example: If you want a 1″ strap – multiply 1″ x 3 = 3″ then add .5″= 3.5″ So you would cut your strap the desired length by 3.5″ wide.

It’s All about Pressing

I have outlined the process below, however, if you are a visual learner, my YouTube video How To Make Straps You Don’t Have To Turn can help.

  1. If you need a finished end on your strap begin here, otherwise skip to Step 2. For a finished end, fold the raw edge, wrong sides together 1/2″, and press.
how to sew straps without turning them

2. Press your strap, wrong sides together down the full length.

how to sew straps without turning them

3. Open your strap back up and lay wrong side up on ironing board.

4. Fold raw edges from left and right side to press line. I like to use glass head pins stuck into my ironing board to secure the fabric in place. Press right over the pins.

how to sew straps without turning them

5. Remove pins LOL – and refold on original press line. Voila! your strap.

how to sew straps without turning them

6. Topstitch your straps and enjoy all the time you saved not turning your straps inside right!

how to sew straps without turning them

The Right Tools For The Job

Sew This Dress

I used this technique to make the Dunga Dress from Stitched in Wonderland. You can read my Dunga Dress Pattern Review for more info on this adorable jumper.

how to sew straps without turning them

The fabric is a Camelot Fabric cotton poplin from Minerva.

In Conclusion

how to sew straps without turning them

I hope you picked up a few tips and tricks with this quick and easy method. I enjoying bringing how to sew straps without turning them to you.

Happy Sewing,



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9 thoughts on “How To Sew Straps Without Turning Them

  1. Helpful tips on how to sew straps without turning them! I have bought a few strappy tops in the past that had serious issues with the straps, and I think these tips could help me correct them in the future….love the Dunga dress, by the way! Looks so comfy and cute!

  2. I’m adding this to my sewing folder! I’ve been learning to sew for years now and have yet to learn the bare basics (I’m a slow learner because I have literally 100 other things going on!)!

  3. Thank you for the great steps on How To Sew Straps Without Turning Them. I will be sharing with my sewing friends.

  4. This is such a great guide on how to sew straps without turning them. You always make sewing look so easy. I like the pattern you picked out for your Dunga Dress. It’s fun!

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