Book Review – Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More

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I recently had the opportunity to interview author Angie Herbertson to discuss her new book. In my interview and book review – Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More we will explore Angie’s sewing loves and challenges. Additionally, her techniques and patterns in the book will have you sewing and finishing projects in a jiffy.

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I am a big fan of having the right tools for the job, and sewing is no exception. We all have our favorites, and I’ve included a few of Angie’s below.

When asked about her favorite sewing tool, Angie replied. “Oh my gosh, it’s so hard to choose. Definitely a good pair of scissors. I really love Fiskars Easy Action Bent Scissors, because it is so much easier to cut the fabric when it’s laying flat with these. I’m on my second pair because someone in my house used them on paper, lucky for them I let them live anyway.”

And just like many of us, Angie’s most important tool is her seam ripper! “I seem to need to use the seam ripper a lot so having a good seam ripper is also very important and makes the unpleasant task of fixing mistakes bearable.”

Don’t we all love a good seam ripper – it is my best sewing buddy!


In the book Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More you will find great techniques like chain stitching explained. Angie proclaimed, “I love chain stitching when making masks or quilting. Once you learn the concept though, it’s a game changer.”

Angie’s unique scrub cap patterns are loved by our healthcare workers. By combining function and fashion, Angie hits a home run. “I get my ideas specifically for some of the scrub cap patterns by thinking of what would be a practical and useful feature for the healthcare provider wearing it, then I look at what would make them look great while working those long hours. Our awesome medical professionals do so much behind the scenes for us, I love that I get to help make them look great while they are doing it.”

Favorite Patterns

You can visit Angie’s Etsy Shop, Adesignbyangie, to see all her great scrub cap pattern options. ‘My best seller is probably my Fat Quarter Scrub Hat Sewing Pattern. My favorite pattern would be hard to choose, but if you pin me down, I’m going to say The Carli scrub hat because I love the gathered look all around the top and the fact that it’s full coverage and the gathered top really flatters the wearer.”

Every healthcare professional deserves the best we can provide. Angie’s wonderful scrub cap patterns may be just the beautiful gesture they need to brighten their day.

Our Sewing Influences

Our beginning sewing stories almost always include a loving family member, friend, or teacher who freely shared the art they loved. As a community, sewists are givers; we give our time, talents, and techniques to anyone wishing to carry on the craft. We are a community of artists steeped in the tradition of teaching.

Angie reminisced, “I used to watch my grandma piece quilts in the afternoon while she watched her soap operas. I would love to say that I learned to quilt from her, but I didn’t appreciate the art of sewing as much until I had my second child and my friend taught me to sew the crib bedding. She gave me a class in her house and was full of super helpful hints. I love that she took the time to say, look, this is not as difficult as you think it is and yes, you CAN do it.”

“I know that most people can do more than they think they can, they just need an extra little boost of encouragement like my friend gave to me. She has always been supportive and believed in me. This is something I would also like my readers to know. You can do more than you believe you can.”

“Start small, don’t give up, and don’t be hard on yourself when you mess up, that’s what God made seam rippers for.”

book review - Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my book review Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More. I was delighted to connect with Angie and explore her sewing techniques, tips, and patterns. She embodies the caring spirit we find in sewing communities and I am grateful there are teachers who love the art of sewing and are passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Angie’s first published book was a timely addition to the sewing community. While we sewists struggled to find patterns and materials to make masks and other items needed by our medical community, having this resource is invaluable.

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  1. This review reminds me of when a friend sewed a cover for my neck brace. I was so upset that I was in pain AND felt ugly with the brace. With the cover, a lot of people thought the brace was a fashion piece and asked where I had gotten it! LOL

  2. I know lots of people who would find this review helpful right now! And sharing an interview always adds a personal touch!

  3. I especially enjoyed the part about the author watching her grandmother see and learning from her. Learning from grandparents is a lost art.

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