Knit Mask/Scarf Review

I have sewn quite a few mask patterns, as I am sure you have too. This Stretch Knit Face Covering/Scarf is a new take on face masks. I have been wearing a simple knit tube I sewed for walks when you don’t need your face covered 100% of the time. When you are out and there is no one around, it’s good to breath the fresh air. Below is my knit mask/scarf review, I will be making a ton of these!

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Pattern Review

I find with the traditional masks, I’m fumbling to put them on, especially if my pup is tugging to get at something interesting. When I read the pattern for the knit face covering, I was intrigued.

knit mask/scarf review

What I like about this mask is that its a bandana with ear elastics! I haven’t seen a pattern like this out there. I looks like a bandana while it’s on, then you can quickly pull it up and it hooks around your ears. Genius!

knit mask/scarf review
knit mask/scarf review

The only change I would try next time is to make the back a little longer or use a more stretchy knit. The knit I used wasn’t very stretchy and it goes over my head snuggly. So if you use a Scuba or Ponte you might want to add some length to the back. I think 1″ would be more than enough.

Fabric Options

This Neoprene Scuba Stretch in black from could work really well. It is a little bouncy, but the thickness of the scuba would provide more protection than a traditional knit.

You can’t go wrong when sewing with a Ponte, and this Uniform Ponte Double Stretch Knit in Navy from would work really great.

Of course, if you want to have some fun with it, this Telio Penny Ponte Stretch Knit Yarn Dyed Leopard Gold from is adorbs.

The Book

knit mask/scarf review

You can read my interview with Herbertson’s book Sewing Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Arm Slings, and More. She is a sewists who has made it her mission to help our healthcare workers find functional and fashionable scrub caps.

Her book is available on ""Amazon and features several mask patterns. I highly recommend the Stretch Knit Face Covering/Scarf.

In Conclusion

I really like this mask/scarf, it’s easy to sew, uses up your knit scraps, and is functional and fashionable. I hope you enjoyed my knit mask/scarf review.

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