Sewing Book Review The Couture Skirt

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The Couture Skirt by Claire B. Shaeffer is a primer on construction techniques professional designers use to create gorgeous couture clothes. In The Couture Skirt More sewing secrets from a Chanel collector, Shaeffer details perfect designer quality couture. Lets get started with the Sewing Book Review The Couture Skirt.

The Couture Skirt is the perfect book for beginners and serious sewers who want to learn impeccable construction secrets of the iconic Chanel faux wrap skirt. Follow along for a primer on perfect designer quality couture skirt construction.

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Sewing The Couture Skirt Layout

The book’ layout is an easy to read progression from Getting Started, through construction techniques, professional tricks, ending up on Characteristics of the Chanel Skirt.

Filled with beautiful photos of Shaeffer’s impressive couture collection, she delivers step by step instruction. Sewing the couture skirt is a labor of love, but once completed, you will have crafted THE most special skirt in your wardrobe.

The Chapters

Chapter One – Getting Started

Covers fabric, lining, and trim that make the best choices for your Coco Chanel’s classic wrap skirt project. Purchase the best quality fabric that fits your budget for this project. It takes time to make this skirt come to life, and you want to have it for years to come.

Chapter Two – The Pattern

Fay Skirt photo

Sewing book review The Couture Skirt

Shaeffer takes readers on a journey to draft an inspired Chanel skirt right from a commercial sewing pattern. This Fay Skirt from Style Arc Patterns would work well for your transformation. It has the right lines for the classic faux wrapped skirt and will work for your skirt layout.

You definitely should make a muslin, or practice garments. You can start with my Draping 101 Techniques Summary where I take you step by step through the process of beginning draping your commercial patterns.

Chapter Three – Layout And Marking

This chapter highlights all the marking methods used to mark the seams, darts, quilting lines, etc. Couture sewing is all about precision, which means marking is critical to a perfectly finished designer quality couture skirt.

Chapter Four – Shaping The Skirt

Shaping a wool skirt with steam and darts will produce a gorgeous garment. In this chapter, Shaeffer goes over the finer details of shaping. Follow along and you will love the results.

Chapter Five – Quilting The Skirt

Yes, you read that correctly — quilting the skirt. Chanel’s clothing is classically quilted. Quilting the skirt fabric to the lining adds a luxurious feel and improves the durability of the garment. Channel quilting makes you skirt classic Chanel inspired style.

Chapter Six – Assembling

All the way to Chapter six before assembling — preparation is key. Following couture specific construction methods, it is time to put this gorgeous skirt together. Steam irons, clappers, hams, and pressing cloths — the tools of the trade to improve your traditional couture sewing skills.

Chapter Seven – The Waistband

Now that your Chanel faux wrap skirt is starting to take shape, it is time to add the all-important waistband. This waistband is constructed a little differently than you have likely done in the past. It is interfaced with grosgrain ribbon for added body and structural support.

Chapter Eight – The Couture Finish

The finish on any garment, couture or otherwise, is key to the success of the finished product. Hand stitching, interfaced hems, mitered corners, and other couture sewing techniques will elevate your garment to high end, luxurious garment quality.

Chapter Nine – Characteristics Of The Chanel Skirt

Chapter nine is when you can relax in your stunning Chanel skirt and read about all the characteristics of a classic Chanel skirt. Job well done.

Couture Sewing Techniques For Everyday Sewists

Sewing Book Review The Couture Skirt

When you want to up your sewing game and take your garments from ‘big box store’ to ‘high end fashion’ adding couture sewing techniques can make it happen.

What’s next after reading the Sewing Book Review The Couture Skirt? How about a complete Chanel suit. Start with the skirt, work up to Chanel’s couture cardigan jacket, end up with an iconic Chanel suit. You will look stunning!

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