Draping 101 Techniques Summary

Below is my Draping 101 Techniques Summary. I have gathered all the YouTube videos and How-To posts in one place so you can find all the beginning draping techniques all together.

I can draft patterns, and you can learn too; however, when we start with a commercial pattern we like, why reinvent the wheel — or in this case the garment. The tools we need in our sewing tool box is a pattern we love and the knowledge of how to manipulate the garment it to fit our body. That’s what you will find below.

Take a pattern you love, make a practice garment, and begin to shape it for your body. There is nothing like a custom fit garment to make us look and feel great. Start at the top and work your way down.

Draping Basics101

The beginning of the draping process starts with a muslin. Why ruin your precious fashion fabric when you can use inexpensive fabric to perfect your fit. Draping Basics 101

Draping Bust Darts

Learn to drape bust darts for a flattering fit. Bust Dart Draping

Waist Draping

Learn to drape your waist, one of the most critical pieces of the draping process. Waist Draping

Hip Draping

Learn to drape the hips of your garment for a better fit. Hip Draping

Draping Circumference

Draping the circumference happens after all the above edits have been made. No sense draping a hip circumference before you make a waist adjustment.

Draping Circumference

Draping Depth

When you start draping depth, you will love the dimension it gives the garment making room for all the curvey bits.

Draping Depth

That’s A Wrap

I hope you give draping a try. You have all the tools you need to get started in this Draping 101 techniques summary.

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