Learn to sew - hip draping

Learn To Sew – Hip Draping

Everyone can conque the simple art of getting the hip curve of your garment at the spot where you body’s hip curve resides. You can learn to Correct hip placement in a few short steps. It is time to get started with learn to sew – hip draping.

If you complete a waist adjustment – information on waist adjustments here – and you garment’s hip did not land in the correct spot, you may need to make one more length adjustment.

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Hip Draping

View the video below to learn hip draping techniques that will help you get the best fit out of your garment.

Other Draping Videos And Instructions

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Patterns And Fabrics

Choosing the correct pattern and fabric can make all the difference in your garments.

The Coat

Learn to sew - hip draping

The coat pattern is from Grainline Studios – Yates Coat. The wool coat is fully lined. It requires some tailoring skills. A sewist with intermediate skills and patience can make up this beautiful coat. 

Coat fabric is a stunning Boiled Wool Coating Fabric in wine. This fabric is wonderful to work with and sews up like a dream.

The Pants

Learn to sew - hip draping

You will love this luscious fabric – a Minerva Exclusive called Celestial Motion Viscose Challis. It is gorgeous to work with and offers a lovely drape for wide leg pants.

Jag's Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review

I have made Silhouette Pattern 3414 many times – wide leg, skinny leg, it doesn’t matter – they always look great. You can learn more about this great pattern in Jag’s Woven Yoga Pants Pattern Review. 

That’s A Wrap

Learn to sew - hip draping

Time to get out and sew great garments that fit your body and utilize the techniques in learn to sew – hip draping.

Happy Sewing


PS Check out my list of Ultimate Favorite Sewing Supplies to fill your sewing tool kit.

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  1. Love those pants and I appreciate how well you explained how to sew hip draping. I’ve always been interested in learning how to sew but felt a bit overwhelmed on how to start. I’ll be checking back in to your blog for inspiration!

  2. I also tend to have an issue with the waist being too high. Can’t wait to get to adjusting the hip draping issues on my clothes!

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