Sewing With Sandi Sew Alongs

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Sewing With Sandi

I have a collection of extensive Sew Alongs, sewing tips and tricks, Alterations, and more on my YouTube Channel Barrett’s Custom Design – Sewing With Sandi. We would love to have you subscribe and follow along.

You can also find Sew Along videos I have produced for Minerva TV. They are listed below.

Vogue 1312
Yates Coat By Grainline Studio

Ebony Dress By Closet Core Patterns

Rio Ringer T-Shirt And Dress By True Bias

Dove Blouse By Megan Nielsen

Sewing With Sandi

Sewing With Sandi

Join us at Sewing With Sandi and amp up your sewing skills.

Happy Sewing


PS: If You are looking for great pattern ideas — try my Favorite Beginner Sewing Patterns.

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