Simplicity 9189 Sew Along

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This cute knit jacket/wrap has been on my sewing to do table for a while. I thought I would give it a try with some wool I had leftover from a cape I made several years ago for my sister as a gift. The video of the wrap construction offers a few of the techniques are worth taking a look at in the sewing process. I hope you find my Simplicity 9189 Sew Along.

In this pattern we will cover:

  • Using a woven with a knit pattern
  • Small pleat details
  • Shawl Collar

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The Sew Along

You can watch the sewing techniques on my YouTube Simplicity wrap jacket with cape.

The Construction

Sewing Makes And Plans Volume 8

There are essentailly only two pattern pieces, the front and back. If you add the optional sleeves, then three pieces.

The front piece is a monster and requires a large piece of fabric. It incorporates the front panel and the collar all in one piece. It is a tad unwieldly, but it cuts down on seams giving the wrap a nice finish.

You have the option of making it sleeveless or with long or three quarter sleeves.

The Pattern And Fabric

Simplicity 9189 Sew Along

The pattern is a wrap around jacket in two lengths, is sleeveless or with sleeves, has a button front, and a pretty shawl collar. You can find Simplicity 9189 at Minerva or at Joann’s.

I would recommend you use a nice knit fabric. Begin with something not too expensive to test out the pattern and see if it is a good fit for you.

I used a wool — that was a mistake. While the fabric was beautiful it didn’t drape as well as good stretch knits would. Since it is cut on the bias, the wool stretched too much making it wavy and too big.

Finishing Techniques

If you want to try sewing baby hems, visit my How To Sew With Silk video for an upclose look at sewing these beautiful finished hems.

Pro Tip: If you are making this pattern pay attention to the hem around the collar – I did mine backwards — Ooops! The hem around the front and collar goes in a different direction than the hem around the bottom. I’m just going to call mine a fashion choice. LOL.

The Tools

You can find my Tricot Stretch Interfacing (Fuseable) on Sewing With Sandi. This is pretty much the only interfacing I use. It works for knits and wovens for all types of weight fabrics. The only time I use something else is if I’m constructing a coat and need a little more heft.

Simplicity’s Misses Knit Wrap Jacket

Simplicity 9819 Sew Along

Even though I wasn’t happy with the final outcome of the sewing pattern. I think, for some sewists, they would love the jacket with cape collar. Even though will be donating my version to the local clothing drive, I’m sure it will make someone happy — and I used up a scrap of fabric to make something wearable, so I’m happy too.

I hope you enjoyed my Simplicity 9189 Sew Along. If you like Simplicity Patterns, check out my Simplicity 9140 Dress Sew Along.

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10 thoughts on “Simplicity 9189 Sew Along

  1. I love the cut of this wrap and the fabric gives such a great pop of color! I think the cape collar is very unique, and someone at the clothing drive will love this!

  2. This Simplicity 9189 Sew Along looks so simple I’m thinking even I could do it. Sorry it wasn’t for you, but I’m sure someone will treasure this super cute jacket with the unique cape collar.

  3. I think the bright pink fabric suits the Simplicity 9189 Sew Along. Oh, that big collar, I can see what you mean, although it would be handy to keep your neck warm when there is a cold wind when you are sitting outdoors.

  4. I love sew alongs. I’ve learned so much from them in the past. The Simplicity 9189 is such a cute pattern, and you’ve done a lovely job!

  5. Such a beautiful & unique design! I love seeing your ideas come to life. I wish I could be patient long enough to try 🙂

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