Vogue 9253 Sew Along

Vogue 9253 Sew Along Renumbered To Vogue 1735

Pattern numbers are crazy. I wish someone would explain to me why they just can’t be sequential. Somewhere along the life of this pattern it changed. Any number you use, I hope you enjoy my Vogue 9253 Sew Along Renumbered to Vogue 1713.

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What You Will Learn

You will learn some great sewing techniques in this video:

  • Quick and easy pinning pleats
  • Add lining to a top that is unlined
  • How to craft beautiful slash pockets
  • Pattern hack to adjust deep V neckline
  • Inserting an invisible zipper

The Sew Along

The Sew Along will take you step by step through the pattern. I’ve added some couture tips and tricks to elevate your look and amp up your sewing skills.

Kimono Sleeves

The grown-on Kimono sleeves make this dress/caftan quick and easy. Since you don’t have to stitch a set in sleeve, it is a one seam and done process.

Deep V Neck

The deep V neckline can be a bit of an issue for some people – me included. So I went to a quick and easy pattern hack.

Pattern Hack

Vogue 9253 Sew Along

By making a fabric triangle from the same fabric as the top, I turned my Vogue Pattern plunging low neckline into a beautiful and wearable dress.

Bias Binding

Creating your own bias binding is a must. It is a simple process and can finish the bodice neckline adding couture details to your finished dress.

You can learn how to make and apply bias binding here.

The Fabric And Pattern

You can find Vogue 1735 (formerly 9253) at Minerva. This dress is floaty, so the perfect fabric is something with lots of movement and excellent drape. If you love fabric shopping, try out some of my favorite fabric shops — ordering online is the best!

Go to EBT’s Instagram page and look for their Friday #fabriclove giveaway — maybe you’ll win! Feel free to tag me @Sewing_With_Sandi when you enter AND when you win.

Vogue Patterns

Of all the big four patterns, Vogue patterns is my favorite option, even if they do change the name mid-production.

I hope you have enjoyed my Vogue 9253 Sew Along Renumbered to Vogue 1713.

Happy Sewing,


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  1. This is a super cute Vogue pattern. And great hack on how to modify the neckline. Wonder what the strategy was behind the remembering.

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