Who Influences Your Style?

We are bombarded by style inspiration from not only TV and magazines, but now add Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. How do we interpret these styles and make them appropriate for the everyday woman? How do they influence your style? Who influences your style?

My Inspiration

Elle Fanning is adorable, young, cute, hip and a Miu Miu model. I happen to love Miu Miu, but am not the right age to wear most of their edgy designs. That doesn’t mean I can be inspired by their fun clothes.

Consider the elements of this slip dress. It has thin silver cording for straps, a loose fitting body (that’s good for us everyday women), several rows of feathers that fall below the hemline which sits above her knee.

Photo from Pinterest – wwd.com Met Gala 2017 after party

Making The Dress

Let’s take these elements and consider a fun party dress for a more mature woman. I went with black, because I needed an LBD (little black dress). A slip dress would not work for me, but I do have a sheath dress pattern that I love, princess seaming which is a flattering fit for me, Silhouette Patterns 4200. I place the front on the fold, eliminate the front button placket, change the armhole to a sleeveless fit and for this dress. The other trick I used was adding an invisible side zip. I wanted to mimic the fun feeling of the pink Miu Miu, so I went a few inches above my knee, but let the ostrich feathers hang about 4” below the hemline. I also added the silver trim to the top of the feathers to keep the evening look.

The Fabric And Trim

The fabric I used is a stretch silk with a charmeuse lining, both from Mood. The ostrich feathers are also from Mood and I stitched a double row. The silver trim is from the Fabric Place Basement (Natick, MA).

One caution — the braid holding the feathers together is glued and stitched. The glue ends up on your sewing machine and needles. I needed to change my needle and clean my bobbin case three times. They were super sticky.

Time To Dress Up

I wore the dress to a wedding, had so much fun dancing. The dress was comfortable and I felt fashionable and fun!

Next time you see a designer dress that you want to have, think about how it can inspire you to make something that YOU can wear! Who influences your style?

Happy Sewing


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