Reversible Fall Cape – It’s a Wrap!

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Reversible Fall Cape – It’s a Wrap!

Vogue Pattern 9038 Very Easy Vogue, and it certainly couldn’t get any easier.  Two pattern pieces – front and back – for version B and binding.  For the beginner sewer, or for a quick cape, this is the perfect pattern.

I am going to make it a little more complicated and take it to the next level.  I have 5 yards of grey wool and 4 yards of blue/grey plaid wool from the  Fabric Place Basement. Making this cape reversible, essentially lined, will give it a high end look and also give it versatility.  I have an extra yard of the grey wool to make bias binding.

Take care to line up the grain line, making sure it is parallel to the salvage.  Once I decide which is the right side of the fabric, I pin every piece.  That way, when they are separated from the tissue, I can tell which side is up.  Sometimes the fabrics are so close, you can easily mistake the wrong side from the right.

The plaid is a little trickier.  You need to line the grainline registration down a straight edge of the plaid.  Even if the fabric is a little off grain, it’s okay, for the plaid it needs to be visually on grain – the plaid needs to be straight.  In addition, no cutting on the fold!  Each piece needs to be cut individually.  When you cut the front, you cut one side then flip the cut piece over – you need mirror images of each piece – line it the plaid and cut the other front.  It will take a little longer, but the finished look will be balanced and professional!

All cut out — let the sewing begin!

Very simple, sew the shoulder seams, right sides together.  For this cape, we will do that twice, once for the grey and once for the plaid. Notice how important pinning the right side of the fabric is.  This plaid is essentially the same on both sides,however, one side has a brushed effect, which will be the right side for this project.

After you have stitched the shoulder seams, you need to stay stitch the neckline.  Wool stretches as you work with it.  Stay stitching only takes a minute – it’s just a simple stitching line inside the seam allowance.

Now they look like capes – how many times have you tried them on already!  I have several times 🙂

Since we are making this reversible, we are off the pattern guide sheet now.  The next step is to stitch the capes wrong sides together.  Yes, wrong sides together. This makes them one unit.

Almost finished.  I made 10 yards of bias binding tape out of the grey wool. (this website has a good bias binding post).  I stitched a ¼ edge of the folded bias binding to the grey side of the cape, then hand rolled and stitched the folded edge to the grey side.  You can machine stitch, but here we are looking for an upscale garment and the only way to get there is with handwork.

This cape is spectacular! She looks so fashionable and happy!

Simple patterns, beautiful fabrics and careful sewing will make amazing garments.

Happy sewing,


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3 thoughts on “Reversible Fall Cape – It’s a Wrap!

  1. Love this! Was directed to this post by Fabric Place Basement. Your finished product is lovely and looks wonderful on your mother. She looks like a professional model. I am going to try to make this – seems advanced for my sewing skills (I’m generally a quilter) but willing to take a chance if it might work out as lovely as yours!

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