Make Your Own Minky Blanket
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Make Your Own Minky Blanket

The Minky blanket craze is here to stay. This soft, faux fur fabric is coveted by cuddle bugs everywhere. It’s easy to make your own Minky Blanket, you can whip it up in a jiffy.

Minky is an ultra-soft polyester fabric that comes in a variety of thicknesses, patterns, and textures. When pair with a beautiful cotton or another Minky, it makes a perfect blanket.

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Lots of Minky designs can be purchased from Amazon. For the backing I used Shannon Sherpa Minky in Ivory for my project. The rainbow fabric is a custom design from Spoonflower, number 7679631, printed on Organic Cotton Sateen.

You can order beautiful Minky fabric from They have an amazing selection.

For this project, I purchased one yard of each fabric. Check to verify the fabric is 54+” wide, then for longer blankets, you can purchase a longer piece, two or three yards. The construction process is the same, just bigger!

Make Your Own Minky Blanket
Ivory Sherpa Minky

From Joann’s you can purchase the Rotary Cutter, Large Mat, Ruler, Chalk, Markers, and Scissors if you need them.

Two methods of Construction

The Binding Method

This Video will show you how to construct the blanket using the binding method.

The Quick Bag Method

This method is super quick, less than an hour to construct.

Trim away the salvage of your cotton fabric and make sure the sides are straight (see video for more detailed instruction).

Lay your Minky fabric face up making sure it is wrinkle free. Lay your cotton fabric face down on the Minky, again wrinkle free. Now your fabrics are right sides together.

Pin the cotton to the Minky keeping the pins by the edge but not over the edge.

Trim the Minky to the same size as the cotton.

Sew almost completely around the edges with a 1/2 inch seam allows leaving a 6 inch opening at one end of the blanket – this is where you will turn the blanket right side out.

Turn the blanket right sides out. Where it is open, fold the seam allowances to the inside and hand stitch the opening closed.

Lay the blanket flat and pin around the blanket 3 inches from the edge. You can mark this with chalk or add a piece of tape to your sewing machine 3 inches from the needle as a guide. Stitch around the blanket edges (3 inches) to keep the edges from rolling

Check carefully to make sure you removed all the pins!

If You Don’t Sew

If you decide you want to purchase a blanket instead of making one, visit Minky Luxe Co on Etsy for some beautiful options.

Wrap Up

I hope you get a chance to make your own Minky blanket. It is a super fast project and everyone will want their own cuddly wrap.

Happy Sewing,


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  1. This blanket looks so soft. I can’t sew but my youngest wants to learn….this might be something that we can do together.

  2. I sew a lot, but mostly quilting in recent years, so I haven’t run across minky before. I can see why they are popular. Do you know if there is a cotton version of the minky?

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