Sewing Makes and Plans -- Early Spring
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Sewing Makes And Plans — Early Spring

7 Makes and Write ups — 8 Plans — 2 New Simplicity Patterns

Let’s talk about sewing makes and plans — early spring. The information below works in conjunction with my YouTube makes and plans video series, Volume 9; but will also work as a stand alone highlighting all the patterns and fabric options I have on the cutting table for the upcoming season.

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Makes And Plans — Early Spring, Volume 9 Video

View the video below for a wardrobe planning sewing adventure – Makes and Plans — Early Spring sewing projects will hopefully inspire you to get creative in your sewing projects. And, maybe even pick up a new technique or two.

Sewing Projects I Made This Past Month

1. Taika Blouse Dress

The Taika Blouse Dress from Named Clothing is a soft shirt dress that will be perfect for spring. I am looking forward to spring — all I seem to do is chase the snow — Denver, Tahoe, and Telluride — and I don’t even ski!

The Fabric and Pattern

The fabric, John Kaldor Fernando Viscose Challis in Coral, is from Minerva. It has the perfect drape and weight for this pattern. You can download or order the printed version of the Taiki Blouse Dress pattern at

The Class

The Sew Along for my Taika Blouse Dress pattern will be up and running soon – just needs a little editing. Subscribe to my channel, Barrett’s Custom Design or newsletter to get notified when the video is live.

2. Sewing With Silk – New Look 6685 Sew Along

Makes and Plans Early Spring

Silk is beautiful, but it can be a bit of a challenge to put in your machine. It’s slippery and temperamental. It doesn’t like your iron and hates the dryer. However, when sewn beautifully, it feels like you are wearing secret pajamas.

The Fabric and Pattern

I decided not to use the vintage pattern I originally planned to use. Instead I used New Look 6685, which had more style with the wrap bow. The fabric is a silk I had in my stash from B&J Fabrics and of course, I only had one yard. So I added some stretch pleather from my local fabric store, it is very lightweight and balanced the silk pretty well.

The Class

Ever wonder how to work with silk, with a few tip and tricks it’s easy. Watch How To Sew With Silk — New Look 6685 Sew Along. Or read along with How To Sew With Slippery Fabric to get you started sewing stunning silk projects in no time.

3. Simplicity 9189 — Sleeveless Wool Wrap

Simplicity 9189 Sew Along

During the winter, especially this year with the heating costs, I like to keep the house cooler and wear more layers. Making a sleeveless version of this wrap with leftover fabric hits all the right notes. It’s simple, it’s economical, and it’s ecological.

The Fabric and Pattern

You can find Simplicity 9189 at Minerva or at Joann’s. The Pink wool fabric was from Mood, however it was purchased over five years ago.

The Class

You can watch Simplicity 9189 Sew Along on YouTube. All the details can be found in the Simplicity 9189 Pattern Review.

4. Perfect Pajama Pants – High End Finishing Techniques

I have been teaching new sewists how to sew pajama pants for over 10 years. It is a great way for beginner and intermediate sewists to improve their sewing techniques and skills.

In this four part series outline how to constructing a well sewn set of pajama pants we cover:

  • Measuring and Cutting
  • Pockets and Faux Fly
  • Stitching and Waistband
  • High End Finishing Techniques

Become a member at Sewing With Sandi and enjoy exclusive member-only videos, monthly Q&A sessions, private 1-to-1 video chats, and more. Whether you are working on your first sewing project or an experienced sewist, I can help you take your wardrobe planning and sewing skills to the next level.

5. All The Skirts We Want To Sew

I put together a list of 12 Different Skirts And Skirt Styles You Should Sew. There are tons of skirt options. I’ve selected some of my favorites like the Vogue High Waisted Skirt I made a few years ago. The asymmetric hem and high waist are a cute combination.

Skirts are perfect for the summer season. I think they are more comfortable than shorts and easier to create. You will find lots of skirt styles in this list.

The Class

You can make a quick wrap skirt, it is perfect for when you want something fast. I love making bunches of them for easy summer outfits. View the Quick Wrap Skirt How To to get started.

6. The Ultimate List Of Favorite Sewing Supplies

The Ultimate List Of FAVORITE Sewing Supplies

This list is perfect for beginners, but intermediate sewists will find a fun tool or two to add to their sewing toolbox. My Ultimate List of Favorite Sewing Supplies curates all the sewing toys you want and need.

7. Pattern Sewing For Beginners — My Favorite Pattern Companies

This is a great list to explore some new-to-you pattern companies. We all use the ‘Big 4’ but there are lots of independent pattern companies where you can find beautifully drafted creations that are stylish and chic.

Fun sewing projects that cover sewing basics. Peruse Pattern Sewing for Beginners and see if you can find a new favorite.

My Easy Early Spring Sewing Projects

8. Close Core Patterns Ebony T-Shirt Dress

Makes and Plans - Early Spring

I love Close Core patterns, they are extremely well drafted and fit together like a dream. I have already made the Ebony dress a few times so this grey one will go up in a snap.

The Fabric and Pattern

I made the Ebony Dress with this yummy teal Core Range Bamboo Cotton Jersey from Minerva. The fabric comes in over two dozen colorways – from muted to bright colors, you will find one that’s perfect for your mood. If you have never worn bamboo fabric, you need to give it a try. The super soft knit is cozy and lightweight.

The Class

I was delighted to produce an Ebony Dress Sew Along for Minerva. You can find it on Minerva TV — be sure to give it a thumbs up!

9. UV Swimming Shirt

Makes and Plans Early Spring

I have never sewn with UV fabric, so we can tackle this unknown territory together. I love the idea of sewing up a few swim shirts; they are expensive but welcome sun protection. This project may be a bit of a challenge.

The Fabric and Pattern

I have had this Swimsuit pattern, Butterick 5795, for a while. It’s one of those things I keep wanting to make – maybe this summer.

For the swim shirt, I am using Silhouette Patterns 195, the sweater set. It’s simple design is just what you need for a pullover shirt. I like the idea of adding a zip pocket — perfect for a room key.

I ordered the Caye Adrenaline UV Protective Compression Swimwear Tricot with Aloe Vera Microcapsules from Mood. It comes in 15 different colors and is a good value at $20/yard.

The Class

A UV Fabric Sew Along combined with editing the Silhouette Sweater Sew Top is on my list of videos for early spring.

10. Butterick 5456

Makes and Plans -- Early Spring

It is difficult to find fabric that coordinates and comes in two different patterns/solids. I saw this lime linen pair and had to have them.

The Fabric and Pattern

Minerva linen fabric in Lemongrass is bright and fresh. The Orleans 100% Organic fabric is good for the environment and great to sew. The green and white stripe pairs perfectly with the solid green giving your garment a high end, coordinated look.

It appears that Butterick 5456 is out of print.

The Class

I am making this dress for Minerva as part of their ambassador team. You will be able to find the review on my Minerva page once the dress is complete.

11. Vogue 9253

Makes and Plans Early Spring

I am making this dress for my daughter’s wedding.

The Fabric and Pattern

Vogue 9253 — actually Vogue 1735 now — is a little low cut, but I plan to add a piece of the black solid sheer to the deep v neck to cut out some of the plunging cleavage.

The Fabric a Carolina Herrera Italian Black and Silver Floral Burnout Blended Silk Jacquard is fairly easy to sew. It was sheer so I needed to line the entire dress.

The Class

You can find the Sew Along for Vogue 9253 Renumber to 1735 already up and running on YouTube. The coordinating written post can be found here.

12. Vogue 1312

The Fabric and Pattern

I think Vogue 1312 is super cute with the faux pick-ups and the semi high waisted skirt. Looking forward to making this one. Definitely have to make a practice garment before I cut into the beautiful linen.

The Core Range Linen fabric in Navy will make this pattern a standout.

The Class

This project is a sew along for Minerva TV. I love producing videos for Minerva, their audience of sewists are super inquisitive.

13. Vogue 9199 Sew Along

Makes and Plans -- Early Spring

I wear dresses frequently. I just find them comfy and easy. Plus you always look pulled together. For this one, I’m loving the rounded neck and princess seams. To make it appropriate for spring, I’m considering 3/4 sleeves.

The Fabric and Pattern

How cute is Vogue 9199 — i’m a sucker for a high-low hemline.

I bought this Nicole Miller scuba knit from Joann several years ago. It’s been waiting for just the right project.

The Class

I’m planning to produce a Sew Along with Scuba Knits. They are a little quirky to work with, but produce fun sewing projects.

14. Itch To Stitch Fisterra Dress

I love this pattern and Itch To Stitch is one of my favorite Indie pattern companies. I’m still not sure if I want a blouse or dress — but I’m leaning towards a blouse since I just made the Taika Blouse Dress.

The Fabric and Pattern

I had the Fisterra Dress pattern printed at

I’ve had this striped floral for a few years — I’m working hard on sewing up my stash. I believe it was from a Mood shopping trip.

The Class

I’m planning on producing a Fisterra Dress Sew Along. I love recognizing various independent pattern makers.

15. Brampton Shorts

Sewing Makes And Plans Volume 8

These got kicked down from last month, I just didn’t have enough time to make them happen. So, they’ll roll over.

The Bramton Shorts from Itch to Stich are a beginner level pull on short with a high waisted paperbag waist. The have side seam pockets — a must — and a sash and belt loops. The first pair I made from a cute viscose challis from Minerva – you can see the review below.

The Fabric and Pattern

I’m making these from a slightly stretchy khaki I have had in my stash for a bit. You can download or order the printed version of the Bramton Shorts at

The Class

I made these shorts for Minerva as part of their ambassador team. You can find the review on my Minerva page.

New Spring Sewing Patterns

Some of the pattern companies have issued their early spring sewing patterns. Here are two that I’ve ordered from Simplicity. I know, collecting patterns is a habit I may never break!

Simplicity Early Spring Sewing Patterns

Cute Slips

Makes and Plans -- Early Spring

Simplicity 9729 — Cute Slips – I bought this one and it’s on the docket for spring sewing projects. The classic shape with beautiful lace trim is lovely. I think exploring slip making is perfect for YouTube tutorials.

Boho Dress

Makes and Plans -- Early Spring

Simplicity 9702 — Boho Chic Dress – I also bought this one, it is also on the docket for spring sewing projects. The relaxed fit is perfect for warmer weather. I can’t wait to tackle this sewing project.

That’s A Wrap Of Easy Spring Sewing Projects And More

Phew! That was quite an extensive list. I hope my Sewing Makes And Plans — Early Spring have inspired you to do a little sewing of your own. Now I need to get to my cutting table — LOL.

Happy Sewing,


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  1. Great information on so many wonderful makes, plans, and patterns that are perfect for Spring! I do have to say that my favorite was the Brampton shorts…that pic is too much fun! 🙂 I also really like the Boho dress, looks comfortable and I do love a flowy design.

  2. All of these early spring sewing patterns makes me wish the weather here in Michigan would cooperate! 😉 I wrote a few of these down to check out next time I’m at the sewing store. Thanks!

  3. Love this sewing makes and plans — early spring special post. So ready for spring…and would love one of those boho dresses for the upcoming season.

  4. What a great list of makes and plans for early Spring! My favorite is the Itch To Stitch Fisterra Dress. It’s just my style! The image for the Brampton Shorts gave me a chuckle – I absolutely love the creativity! 🙂

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